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You can order delivery and waving the magic wand of justeat


The land that gave birth to Harry Potter wants to add a little more magic to the experience of order delivery online, and he has achieved.

Since the dawn of order food to take home, used when a phone and dialing, through the advent of smartphones with Internet access and digital assistants birth of Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to technology, we have experienced a radical evolution in the ways of ordering food to enjoy our home in the last 20 years.

In fact, compared to what we used to do, how food is now asking day, It may seem nothing short of magic. Y thanks to technological innovation and the giant Just Eat, orders will be literally magical, and it will help a new device that allows customers ordering simply waving a magic wand.

Waving the wand and Dong Ding! Food is on your doorstep!

This Orders wand Just Eat, as has been called, It is a new prototype that the company is currently testing, using a cutting edge technology capable of transmitting encrypted audio signal to an application of our mobile.

All you have to do is Pressing a button on the wand and draw a wave in the air. For the moment, like ordering devices push of a button, your options are somewhat restricted, and users can only register a favorite Just order from the platform Eats, what which will be asked in this way so magical.

Nevertheless, Wand also offers other useful features, for example, an LED light on the tip flashes to confirm that your order has left shop and is on its way. It is also restricted to only one order per hour, thus preventing any movement to ask for more meals accidentally desired.

we have as read this week in foodandwine.com, The company said that potential applications include wand increase in the number of orders you can store on the wand and splitting bills with friends. further, you want that delivery drivers can share promotional offers at the time and receive discounts through ads in different media.

Technology wand to order food in restaurants: I could only leave Oxford

This innovative at the same magical technology was created, among others, by Charles Spence, the food scientist at the University of Oxford. His name appears in all kinds of cutting-edge research, always related to food. from how some music can improve the taste of food to how the package can fool your taste buds.

According to Spence himself: “Fun improves mood, which enhances the good taste of food. A wand has a special place in our psyche, thanks to the popularity of magic shows and especially Harry Potter. Appeals to our inner child and evokes happy memories. Anything that makes happier your mind, It has the ability to make happier your taste buds” he claimed.

Unfortunately, as he warned Graham Corfield, general manager Just Eat in the UK, "in this point, Order wand Just Eat is only in beta testing and is not available to the general public, even if the tests are successful, we could enjoy this magical technology in the near future.

Orders Wand Just Eat is still in testing phase, but this development certainly has the potential to make order food delivery to restaurants, be a truly magical experience. In the meantime, We continue dreaming shout “¡Await Pizzaatronum!” to make dinner appears at the door of our house.

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