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Yadex, the largest company of Russian technology, Launches strange food delivery service home


Yandex is a Russian company known worldwide as a provider of services associated with Internet. In addition to the most famous explorer in the country, also is the main communication system email, and computer input, Telematic and technology do not stop there.

further, for many years and Yandex has been diversifying its business. In 2017 desadvertidamente entered into the world of the home delivery of food to the start collaborating with Uber.

Yandex now prepares to lead efforts in the catering sector mobility to a new level. Do intend launching a new service known as Yandex NV that will available through a app mobile.

from it, users can place your order online with total quality assurance, economy and comfort.

However the operation of Yandex NV is unheard of among companies sharing food home. When an order is received by the app, the company is in charge of carrying a kit of ingredients to a nearby restaurant to the customer contributor. A) Yes, Yandex all the necessary nutrients is responsible for obtaining, and the restaurant only has to cook as soon as you receive.

When the restaurant is over the plate, again the turn of the deliverers. These are then rush to get to the address from which the order was issued for deliver the product just finished, with all its features organoleptic in full swing. Logistics somewhat strange and complex whose main objective is to improve the user experience of the diner.

In selecting a restaurant near the customer's home cooking food, It is avoiding road traffic with the order already prepared, which affects the packaging have less likely to be damaged by sudden braking or damage to the road surface, and similarly it prevents condensation so that can ruin the texture of the menu or the dishes served cold and remain virtually inedible.

Yandex has called this system "restaurants in the cloud", and is a mixture between two company services already in operation for some time: Yandex.Eats responsible for the distribution of food delivery from selected restaurants with which it cooperates, Y Yandex.Chef providing ingredient kits for users cooked to your liking at home.

Since the Russian company Yandex NV said it will work similarly to virtual restaurants Deliveroo O Uber Eats: the restaurant will expand its letter without affecting the logistics of the local, and that in turn has a positive effect when to publicize the establishment more people. Thus the new service acts as tool of marketing when it used correctly.

The initiative is the moment in its earliest stages. It has been decided that the pilot will take place in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, cities that are characterized by a cosmopolitan population, daring and open to new technologies.

On the other hand, collection of dishes available to the user is not final. Since the directive have opted for a hundred dishes with high demand, but long term the concept is that the user of Yandex NV can order anything you feel like.

The price has been established time 250 rubles; Or what is the same, some 3.5 euros per dish. A smallness for excellent service which enjoys.

Russian citizens are already expectantly by the appearance of Yandex NV in their cities. This will allow them to order sushi and pizza, two dishes that enjoy great popularity in the country, ad nauseum. It is less clear whether this new system will draft out of the strange Russian market, time and investment will say.

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