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Yelp publishes health inspections almost 1 million restaurants


There are many people who feel apprehensive inconvenienced by the unhygienic restaurants. Although it is a rare occurrence, because human nature just a single negative impact to leave a mark difficult to heal.

From the point of view of these diners, and general clientele, Scores featuring Yelp in health in restoration from 2013 They are helpful.

Five years ago this system began operating in the famed platform reviews for restaurants. The guinea pig was San Francisco, first city that began to appear rating aforementioned. Since then, coverage has been growing step by step, but rather gradually slow pace.

Until mid-year, 200 000 Business of at least two dozen cities had joined the program Yelp LIVE (it is called this initiative to provide official information on health inspections carried out at restaurants).

LIVE born as a commitment to its users Yelp. In the press release from the company to transfer the lead nationally in EE. UU., emphasis was placed on the value contributed by the memo: "Our goal has always been to give consumers as much information as possible about local businesses. We know from a study of the catering industry of Los Angeles when consumers have access to grades hygiene, the number of hospitalizations due to foodborne diseases down, and best practices across the industry improve».

And that is incredibly, establishments (or rather, second) like those in television programs Nightmare in the kitchen, presented by Alberto Chicote, Y Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, conducted by Gordon Ramsay, They are not unheard of, much less unreal. Desadvertidos certainly exist and diners can be face to face with them, risking your palate and your health in the process.

Considering this is not surprising that last 24 July Yelp carry his program a step further and incorporate data from other health inspections 750 000 establishments scattered all US states. THE.

Operation of qualifications in health offered by LIVE Yelp

Yelp data facilitates its users would not be available without the collaboration Health Department Inspection Scores, an organization dedicated to collecting and valuing public information available through the various jurisdictions in the United States. A total amasan six million reports.

Although HDScores He does everything in its power to facilitate searching and reading the reports of interest, thanks to the synergy established with Yelp this is even simpler.

Users only have to open the app Yelp Mobile, and go to the restaurant on who want to make the query. It has now endowed each profile of a dedicated to host the qualification in health obtained during the last official inspection.

Diners no longer have to worry about. A quick glance you can know if they are at a local standards of hygiene and cleanliness above average, if they go to an establishment with acceptable cleanliness, or if instead they go straight to a pigsty (barn to raise pigs).

A study entitled "Digitizing Disclosure: The Case of Restaurant Hygiene Scores», published in Harvard Business School Negotiation, Organizations & Markets Unit Working Papers by Daisy Dai (Lehigh University) Y Michael Luca (Harvard Business School) shows that in the case of restaurants with poor grades on health, when these values ​​are set, resulting in a reduction 12% reserves through digital platforms.

But Yelp's commitment to its users is far from offering a simple rating. After the number does not give much information about the actual state of health and hygiene restaurant. Because, from the same application we can access much more information. Clicking on the score given us is redirected to a new page that lists and details the offenses committed by the business and detected during inspections, involving descriptions of what these infringements, and the dates on which these were corrected.

Consequences of open publication of health inspections carried out restaurants

There is no doubt that Health inspections are necessary, if there were no restorers would not have unceremoniously when compromise the health of diners in what would be a dangerous attempt to reduce operating costs local.

"Eating in a restaurant should not pose any danger in terms of food security, But this is not always the case", concludes Marion Nestle, professor emeritus of Paulette Goddard Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health New York University.

Nevertheless no right to be forgotten in this system. A restaurateur who has corrected the problems of your business and continued plying his trade professionally for years, see how these public notes Yelp undermine its reputation and reduce the volume of sales expected.

Gwyneth Borden, director of the Association of Restoration Golden Gate explains that the ratings received by the restaurants are only a snapshot of a moment and do not represent reliably the path of the local.

The problem is compounded when taking into consideration that the period of time that can pass between inspections of health in the United States may be delayed up to two years. Remain linked to the report issued even when incidents have been corrected for so long is an unfair penalty clearly.

Andrew Rigie, Hostelera Alienza the City of New York agrees that "Food security must be implemented at all times. Customers want to know if the place you are dining is safe. But restaurants are concerned about the reviews they receive. Yelp is forming another forum where people can talk negatively about business».

The system is not foolproof. Although it does provide information to potential clients on cross-contamination, interruptions of the cold chain, improper handling of the ingredients, pests and plagues suffered, sanitation problems and many other useful information for the consumer who rarely have access, restaurants feel forgotten and violated.

If Yelp does not act, discontent platform sector will continue to rise reviews. Something that might not be allowed after the results achieved during the last quarter of 2017, what It illustrates the company that bypasses the time more buoyant.

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