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Youtube for restaurants: Content ideas to increase your audience


New technologies monopolize virtually all spheres of the economy and society, They are a prime source of promotion for any business today, of course also for restaurants.

Not in vain, the most common Instagram photographs are related to food, gastronomy and restaurants, and the most popular videos on YouTube are cooking tutorials. This leaves us quite clear that use a YouTube channel as a marketing tool for restaurants, can be the perfect recipe for success.

YouTube, a powerful marketing tool free

Exists the belief that whoever is not on YouTube does not exist: singers, political and any other celebrity worth its salt must have its space on YouTube where publish your videos.

And it is this famous canal, Besides, It is free and allows from making a video tutorial to hang an event, any audiovisual contribution of interest can eventually become viral and boost the number of customers.

So we offer some details on this article Tips and types of videos that will make your visits multiply as well as the reputation of your restaurant.

Steps to start creating content on your Youtube account:

  • Create an account of Gmail and use it to your YouTube account.
  • Create a channel for your restaurant. It is necessary to respect the name of the restaurant so that customers remember which channel they have subscribed.
  • Start uploading videos. Will suffice with a smartphone, but remember edit at least one title, description, labels and summarizing the video image.
  • Choose the "playlits" you want to appear linked to your channel and works to get a good portoflio.

As on TV, This is maximum audience. For increase traffic on YouTube we must first create and optimize videos, further promote the content in different digital formats restaurant and all social networks. Published every video also in your newsletter and feel free to carry out promotional campaigns for your videos on Adwords, They are very cheap and you get a big impact.

7 ideas Promotional videos that a restaurant can share your YouTube channel

  1. Post the new letter

Whether you've opened the restaurant and want to let you know as if you've changed the kitchen and its specialties, you always can publish the letter along with pictures or videos of the preparation of the dishes. It is an excellent presentation, especially when the restaurant specializes in preparing delicacies where you see its components and preparation process helps your promotion.

  1. Share simple recipes

Within the channel you can open multiple sections, such as a cooking tutorials. This is not to reveal the secrets of your kitchen, but to help people to eat something (almost) as good as what goes on in your stove.

Sometimes, many subscribers are achieved by publishing recipes explaining how it was obtained that pudding so creamy dessert. Restaurant dishes take home from customers and share cooking secrets is the key to attracting new users.

  1. Conducts interviews and upload them to your channel

Make your chef or your bartenders feel important. Enhances the prestige of your interviewing staff and meddling in their kitchens to see how they work. Promotion is a method very American, to “how it was made” Of the movies, but the result is fantastic.

  1. Post chronicles of events

Whenever you perform some kind of event, publish (if only a promotion of sauces), That will gain traffic on social networks and attract your channel. Contrary to what you may come to think, this action is not self-hype, It is an action of Inbound Marketing, marketing attraction that unlike the invasive, seeks to seduce and attract.

A tasting contest, a cooking workshop or holding a major event in the local units are reasons to create videos with interesting content.

  1. Leave your restaurant

A restaurant is not defined only by what happens in its kitchen or at the table. Salt with the camera outside your local and make a report about your suppliers, the garden where you go to buy fruit or vegetable, the meat market where you acquire. All of these shares confer trust and credibility the organization.

  1. Post testimonials

This is what convinces: the testimony of someone who has tasted the food and service. There is no better ambassador than a satisfied customer, so set a goal to collect testimony from satisfied customers.

  1. If you're growing…

Publishes a report with the new premises of your chain or documents the expansion work you have done, like the room guests or works in the garden. This reinforces the idea of ​​renewal, continuous improvement and success.

Surely with these ideas about content for your YouTube channel you are already thinking about the next video that you share…Do we just tell?

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