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Ganadores The Best Digital Restaurants 2018

Quique Dacosta, It is TheBestDigitalChef as best digital chef. Starbucks España es TheBestDigitalRestaurant_Group, best digital chain restaurants. Silk Restaurant & Soy de Madrid is TheBestDigitalRestaurant_Indie, best independent digital restaurant in Spain

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What is the roadmap for Restaurants?

The only digital guide that compiles, analyzes and organizes the main keys and resources to ensure success in a comprehensive and continuous management innovation in the restaurant industry

The best restaurants and chefs digital

time to acknowledge the effort and work in the digital management of the best restaurants in Spain has come.

The digital newspaper will reward those restaurants and chefs that have greater impact and better managed digital environments during the year 2017.

The award is divided into 3 categories: Restaurants (chains, groups and franchises), Chefs (prestigious chefs) and independent restaurants (outside groups)

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Here are some of the companies listed on the roadmap for restaurants 2019

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