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The Guide

GIR is the first and only guide for restaurants innovation that exists in the world whose objective is to help achieve success in developing innovation projects and digitization in the hospitality sector.

This innovation restaurant guide responds to concerns that the restaurant industry and hospitality sector in general has on the process of innovation and digitalization of companies. A useful and structured guide that accompanies the entrepreneur and professional, giving answers to the main questions that evolution raises and where encuentrar properly documented different solutions, classified and ordered that facilitate the connection to the innovation ecosystem.

Diego Coquillat

Director is iRestaurant Shops, professor at various universities, consultant and international speaker.

"For many years, in my courses and conferences, attendees always ask me what are the tools needed to innovate or are digitizing their restaurant. GIR answers that question, collecting in an orderly and easily all that information. I'm thrilled that this guide can be converted into the logbook to accompany you during this trip, increasingly complex and changing, which represents the intelligent management of innovation. But never forget, the key to success in this process is not alone in knowing the tools, It is able to use them to improve the work of your team and the future of your restaurant. "

Oscar Carrion

Director of Gastrouni. Research Professor. 35 years of managerial experience in HORECA.

"Until recently, information technology has helped us to monitor and control the operation of the business. Nowadays, thanks to the rapid emergence of multiple applications and digital tools, You can do this work in more areas and more effectively. further, to maintain competitiveness, you are required to know and be permeable to the rapid innovations that appear in the market in order to implement them in your company. With GIR we want to offer a clear and orderly map of the whole digital universe. "

Manel Morillo

Founding partner and strategic and operational consultant Con Gusto. Expert restaurant chains.

"GIR is an indispensable tool for hoteliers of our time. Concentra not only the greatest innovations in the industry if no explanations of each, how to contact them and some tips on how to undertake its implementation. I know that I will use a my role as consultant to guide restaurateurs to offer the best and most innovative tools and services. GIR is, somehow, a handy summary of part of my daily work. "