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THE AWARD: #TheBestDR2020

The awards have been designed by José Piñero, creator of the most artistic and disruptive of the great chef dishes from around the world, and represent an allegory concept Phygital, the integrated knowledge between the human and the digital.

THE CREATOR: Jose Pinero

They belong to a specialist in transforming something as abstract as ideas into tangible realities team, emotional, functional and memorable. From a scorpion bowl shaped a whiskey bar two floors inspired by Louis XVI.

The eukaryote known as Piñero combines craftsman Gepetto instinct of a postmodern mutant with a decent ability of X-Men. His innate facility to travel thousands of kilometers and achieve what is proposed whispering to winches, the wood chips and sparks spat out by the metal make it a first-order Chaman Maker. A seeker of challenges very unaccustomed to respond with a "No se puede".

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