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The appearance of chef Jordi Cruz Buenafuente in Late Motiv Sweeps Twitter


One of the most famous chefs in this country, the recently awarded its third Michelin star for his restaurant Abac in Barcelona, Jordi Cruz, a few days ago he visited the set of Late Reason, Andreu Buenafuente program in #Cero. Freshness and naturalness, coupled with the presence of the great Silvia Abril, Celebrity MasterChef finalist program made social networks massively followed the broadcast.

It has undoubtedly been the main topic of last night on Twitter. Like a Celebrity MasterChef issue of it were, Internet users started with retuitear and create Gifts the highlights of the interview between Buenafuente and Cruz, but most were commented those in which Silvia Abril joined the conversation.

These are tuits the highlights of the program to viralizaron in social networks.

Best of Jordi Cruz's visit to Late Motiv

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