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The Haidilao restaurants the waiters start using Panasonic robots to power your business


Again a story that reminds us of the relentless automation is taking place in the restaurant business. This time, Thank you the use of robots.

Haidilao International Holding Ltd., a chain of restaurants specializing in dishes served in Mongolian cauldron (hot Pot), He has begun working closely with the Japanese technology group Panasonic.

The opening of the first fully automated home took place last 28 October in the city of Beijing.

The new facility highlights the significant reduction waiters. There is also no human workers in the kitchen and the chefs have been replaced by robots.

When the guest enters through the gate you are free to sit where he pleases, as long as the table is not occupied in advance. Then start the show.

Customers can use the iPad tablets provided by the restaurant and every table to order. When this is executed and confirmed, the commands passes directly kitchens, where a series of robotic arms is responsible for preparing and cooking ingredients to shape the requested dishes.

The impressive robotic arms are visible upon entering, after a glass separating the receiver of living food preparation, a special room that is maintained at low temperature (between zero and four degrees Celsius)

These are the same arms then deposit the plates in robots camaraderie, they are the ones who really make contact with the visitor, because the kitchen was closed shelter, only affected by the prying eyes of customers.

A magnificent example of restoration robotics. All processes are automated.

For owners of Haidilao International Holding Ltd. (the restaurant group that perceives higher revenues across China), business strategy is clear. The chief information officer Zhidong Shao commented about: "In an ideal situation would reduce the size of the workforce of 170 restaurant workers about 130 O 140. But never be possible for a restaurant without staff ... It is said that restoration is the combination of two aspects: before the dish comes to the table, it is logistics; after that, premium service ".

The set of monitors, artificial intelligence systems, articulated robotic arms, robots camaraderie and the six humanoid robots that serve 93 tables required a Initial investment 20 millions of dollars, which it materialized through the joint venture founded following the agreement among participants, the company Ying Hai Holding Pte.

El director de gerencia de Ying Hai Holding Pte. He told Bloomberg the business strategy Haidilao might not be another given the number of contract workers at each facility: "It would be difficult to expand to that level [5000 restaurants] with regard to staff, A) Yes, Haidilao is making an early transition to an operation model that is not based on manual work both. That's where comes into play technology Panasonic».

It is an explosive expansion, because now the group has only 360 eaters worldwide, especially concentrated in China, but with presence also in EE. THE. and Japan.

For the moment, savings achieved by reduced kitchen staff and camaraderie (that Haidilao restaurants have always been highly paid positions), must be added the electricity savings greater energy efficiency and processes (a reduction of 10% on the electricity bill which also contributes to the chain more sustainable and respectful of the natural environment). Just this last point involves a reduction of expenses quantized 200 000 yuan, he equivalent to just over 25 000 euros.

Those who have already visited the premises have been completely satisfied.

This is the case of Li Tao, which he chronicled his experience during the thirty fourth visit to the franchise. In addition to all the automation in the restaurant, Tao noticed some other news: free snacks, juice packaging, QR codes with those who enter sweepstakes food, live screens showing the work of kitchen robots (that somehow meet secondary mission assure customers that no rats -Haidilao suffered a scandal involving rodents in the month of August-), real-time inventory of the dishes, and a lot, much interest from visitors, to remain watchful eye not to miss the opportunity to get a selfie with robots.

And the food?

Because according to Tao, no apparent changes. Their menu beef, brains of suckling pig and cow stomach just took 10 minutes to arrive; faster than usual, but accompanied by the usual flavors and aromas.

The implementation of robotics in restoration is unstoppable, as evidenced by the experiences of Haidilao International Holding Ltd., even in the case of new initiatives, with the added difficulty of dealing with budget strictures. The time when the Robotics camaraderie and cooking is more affordable than the wages of workers has arrived.

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