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Recycle crayons restaurants: of solidarity awareness


The Californian Bryan Ware takes almost 5 years leading an initiative that emerged in a restaurant, It is to condemn the waste of crayons that can still be used and works so that they will end up in the hands of the most disadvantaged

Happiness we felt when, as children, hours we painted with colored pencils given away our parents, uncles or grandparents was so great that it seemed impossible to repeat. And is that Is there anything more rewarding than seeing how a person is able to forget for a moment their misfortune and a smile? Yes, when that same joy we have helped us.

As simple and straightforward as is the recycling of the famous crayons or colored pencils may become the unfortunate gesture in content in just seconds, since that “new pencil” It is distributed in various children's hospitals and some schools with limited resources.

It all started in 2011, Bryan during dinner with his family shared Ware in a restaurant in San Francisco to celebrate the birthday of his youngest son.

The staff was so kind that he gave the two kids in Ware some crayons so that they are entertained, it will have fun and feel at home. Once paintings served their purpose, They were abandoned on the table con diners willing to leave; Then the father asked what the local fate of those improvised toys would, what one waiter replied that surely would go to the dustbin.

A joint initiative that arises in restaurants

It was at that moment when Bryan Ware realized I had to do something to stop all this waste; and is that each year about 34.000 kilos of coloring pencils are wasted, not only in restaurants They are seeking to reward their younger customers, but also thousands of schools after the course forget to reuse recycle.

In this commitment it made to the environment, with the most disadvantaged and, especially, himself called him pencil Initiative: a project non-profit organization funded by the Ware itself and by the hundreds of thousands of donations that receives both through its Web page and its Facebook.

Long live the crayons

He conversion process of those paints used in pencils colors have completely renovated 4 important steps:

1.Recycling. First, you need to be conscious in order to be achieved and that is simply to build a better world. Although it sounds like a cliché, -at pencils recycling as the plastic caps- It helps youngsters to make a commitment of solidarity with those most in need. Because, schools and restaurants should lead by example and collect all the crayons so they do not end up in the trash, thus giving them a second life.

2.Foundry. Here they come into play volunteers, who have to separate all color pencils each year are accumulated by Crayon Initiative to immediately deposit them in large pots in order to melt them and get the desired mixture.

3.molded. Successfully completed the second step, the obtained liquid was poured into a special machine It is able to produce up 96 pencils at once. In order that these are completely new, volunteers using a filter that blocks the passage of those pieces that have not reached the level expected casting.

we will see that the resulting crayons are great and a little thicker conventional, because they are designed so that the smallest and the children with special needs can pick up and use with ease. Another feature acquiring these pencils after being molded is that they are more resistant than their predecessors, which she has earned her great recognition ideologue of American society.

4.Distribution. Perfectly packaged in colorful boxes bearing the distinctive Crayon Initiative under the slogan “Share your colors”, something like “Share your paintings”, They are distributed and delivered between hospitals and neediest schools in California. “If these kids get crayons feel free and away from that hospital room during 10 minutes is that we did our job well”, Bryan says Ware. Desencaminado not seem to go as the figures do not lie: more of 2.000 boxes have already been distributed.

Actions solidarity in Spain

If we look at our country we observe how in recent years there have been similar ideas to Bryan Ware and Crayon Initiative. One is that of Sarah and James who, through your blog Nomads en route, They have launched the project Colored backpack. This is an initiative that arose when Jaume, who worked in a restaurant whose habit was to give crayons to smaller and then discard them if they were left forgotten, He began to save.

A year later they have collected so many crayons traveling through Southeast Asia with overstuffed backpacks and looking for the best sites to distribute.

However, we know that renew old used to equal or better to color pencils before is not the only formula invented to give a second life to these products.

And is that, ingenious citizens have been able to leave us all with your mouth open because watches “wall” and tables are made mostly of crayons; a material also serves to line photo frames and the result is more than satisfactory. But if there is a field in which creations stand with old pencils it is in fashion jewelery: from original rings to earrings curious, through asymmetric bracelets and necklaces striking.

Everything is usable for environmentally conscious and above all, unnecessary logging. Each person contributing their bit can do real wonders even with the simplest; recycling of crayons is one of them and so begins to be important in some countries. You know in Spain restaurants, schools or anywhere else do it?

About the Author

He graduated in journalism from the University of Valladolid although Fabero (Lion). Working for many years in the hospitality sector. Futura expert in food journalism and everything related to restaurants, a world that fascinates. His other passions: rock and sports.



  1. Hello!! We are Sara and Jaume, authors “Nomads en route”, What a joy to read this article! We are thrilled to see how more people are being taken so seriously initiatives like this, because we live in times when we know the price of everything but we are not aware of the value behind…
    Thank you very much for having appointed and took the opportunity to encourage anyone who wants to take part in projects like this! And is that, there is no better reward than the smile of those children who eventually end up enjoying the colors.

  2. Sara and Jaume, your tavern is more than commendable; It goes beyond distribute and share the crayons because your desire is to distribute and share happiness. To bring something so simple and sincere appreciation receive a deprived population is a noble and immense experience, as it's you. Congratulations!!

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