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Does your restaurant have Braille menu?


This is the question that performed at several restaurants Tommy Edison in United States, a blind from birth who devotes her time to make videos which highlights the difficulties that must face every day.

Restaurants and visually impaired

Then I leave the video to prove it :

[Note : the video is in English, If you want to put subtitles in Spanish it is very easy, Press play and you will see an option to the left which turns red “cc”, click and enter “translate captions” and the list you choose “Español”.]

by “study”, 3 each 10 restaurants, that is, a 30% It has letter braille, although in the case of the chosen restaurant it seems a bit outdated or at least prices.

But, What would happen if we did this same question in Spain?

The percentage of restaurant with Braille menu would be much lower than the survey by Tommy, I do not have exact data, but very few restaurants that have their cards adapted for the visually impaired.

To name a few, also because they deserve it, although I'm sure there will be more :

In February he published an article under the title “Minorities are important in restaurants” which it highlighted the importance that minorities will have on the industry restaurants and the loyalty of these customers to those who are aware restaurants in favor accessibility.

Sе estimated in Spain more than quе 70.000 Blind and visually impaired people, according ONCE.

Another question that many owners restaurants have is about the guide dog accompanying the blind. In Spain there are regulations, specific, Royal Decree 3250/1983 and the Presidency order 18 June 1985, regulating the use of guide dogs for visually impaired, although it has different specifications by regions, but in general it is loud and clear, stating that you can not refuse entry to any dog ​​leads a public place, Thus, can not refuse entry to any restaurant guide dog, bar, hotel, etc.

Although only a few days ago, we were still meeting with news reporters like this :

To read the full article click on the image

I would also like to highlight the other end, and is that in some Argentine provinces, and specifically in Buenos Aires, bound by law to have at restaurants, rest-bars, confectioneries, eating houses and other premises, Braille letters with the objective of “promoting social inclusion and promote awareness regarding the duties of solidarity for disabled“.

But unfortunately, and once confirmed with different friends and Argentine supporters, I am informed that virtually no one sticks.

I think it is time to make a reflection on this topic, since the current system of society in which we live is demanding an awareness by businesses with the help of public bodies to ensure that ALL CLIENTS Similarly access to your products or services.

I want to end with a sentence of Nobel Prize for Literature José Saramago that pretty much sums up the essence of this article :

“I think we are all blind. We are blind can see, but they do not look.”

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