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Rebel Hangar, Disney restaurant inspired by Star Wars


Disney is preparing for the premiere of 'Star Wars VII' and ends its Star Wars Weekends with Rebel Hangar, a pop-up restaurant dedicated to the successful saga of George Lucas, located in the Disney World theme park where you can enjoy culinary experiences from another galaxy.

In December he returns to the big screen one of the most successful franchises in movie history: 'Star Wars'. The premiere of the seventh inning, entitled 'Star Wars: The awakening of the Force ', It is the most anticipated and celebrated the year both by fans and by the film industry and, Of course, the Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture distributor was the first to join this great celebration. Of the many initiatives include Star Wars Weekends its park Disney World in Florida, a weekend special in which, among other things, you'll be able to adventure on a stellar journey without leaving his new Rebel Hangar themed restaurant.

The full name is Rebel Hangar: a Star Wars Lounge Experience, as reads the sign at its entrance and once exceeded its doors, You'll be taken to the shelter where rebel pilots, aliens and smugglers made their meetings to plot against the Empire. Each table is dominated by figures of R2D2, Han Solo, the Millennium Falcon or other secondary characters Y, depending on their importance in the plot, They are placed in the main tables or the rest.

In this environment you can sample dishes from a menu full of puns and references to movies, starting with fries for pilots, with Parmesan cheese, garlic aioli sauce. You can also try other fried snacks such as laser sword, the Dark Fried or tasting the minihamburguesas'The Sith vs. The Jedi’. If you prefer something healthier, the Naboo salad is your choice, made with lettuce, tomato, Braised chicken breast with parmesan dressing with pepper. And if you're sweet, Yoda awaits you in the form of key lime pie and cupcake, with Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt in the case Cupcakes. A curious letter with a single slogan: “the food with you”.

Even the drinks are saved from falling into the networks Wars. Rebel Hangar you can enjoy an Imperial Blue, a Tatooine Sunset, a Dagobah Swamp Juice or, even, You can challenge the Force testing the tantalizing taste of The Dark Side. They are all based cocktails alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, vodka and other liquors.

This is not the first Disney theme restaurant, much less. The Disney parks are experts in culinary experiences of this type, destined to enjoy not only the smallest, but also adults. When you thought you were not going to find more magic after dive deeper into the dungeons of Sleeping Beauty Castle or lost in the maze of Alice, it's time to eat and discover a fantasy world on your plate also hand restaurants like Blue Lagoon of Disneyland Paris, buccaneer an inn built in attracting Pirates of the Caribbean 'in which the flavors of the sea mingle with the exotic Caribbean. Also in this park are the Cinderella Inn one to Pizzeria Bella Notte, set in 'Cinderella' and 'Lady and the tramp' respectively. The first one is a restaurant specializing in French cuisine, while the second is fast food and like him there are several in the parks, each based on a different story and equally achieved.

restaurant DisneyWalt Disney World

Another of the great attractions of restaurants and cafes can be found in any of the resorts that have worldwide are Character Dining. The possibility of eating with Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and other Disney classic is one of the most successful requests. So much so that since 2007 you can hire, with an economic plus in the final price of the trip, the Extra Magic Hours, a service that allows access to the park two hours before the doors open to enjoy lunch most special with your favorite characters before getting to some of the attractions open for early birds. This pass is available only to guests of the Disney Hotels and replaces the initial service, it was the visit of the characters cafeterias park own hotels.

Definitely, a way to feel the charm of Disney through every bite, surrounded by an excellent environment, within each story and each story of the most magical film studio in the world. After taste, You understand Peter Pan and his desire to be a child forever.

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