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A scanner restaurants preventing food safety risks


A batch of contaminated food restaurant can cost over a million dollars in compensation and legal battles. Thus, in restoring organized nothing is left to chance.

Since food security is vital, food analyzes are performed systematically to detect the possible presence of dangerous pathogens to human health. However, These analyzes can assume unaffordable expense for restaurants that need to maximize their profit margins or those who do not have a critical sales volume to justify resorting to an outside laboratory.

To minimize costs without compromising food safety in catering there are alternatives such as Tellspec Enterprise Scanner, food scanner for price 1899 dollars is available to all restaurants.

Tellspec novelty has several features that make it very attractive for business restoration:

  • Spectroscopy ray coming infrared spectrum, that they offer the highest resolution and accuracy possible in a low cost apparatus when detecting the substances of interest.
  • Nondestructive detection method that allows you to use the proven without this food should be removed.
  • Oriented analysis module judging food fraud: adulterated meat, sugar added, dyes and preservatives not indicated in the labeling, etc. Everything needed to suit the needs of guests with special dietary requirements.

further, food scanner can connect to a packet software It offered as SaaS and allows collating the information obtained in situ with measurements associated laboratories. This way you can make a more detailed analysis and intelligent food, and rule out false positives and redundant provide security in ensuring the quality of the dishes served.

Those businesses that need restoration organized special applications can do so thanks to Enterprise development kit. This package software It contains libraries to communicate the scanner food Tellspec Enterprise Scanner with mobile terminals operating system Android O iOS.

With the scanner can perform a variety of advanced tasks at a very low. Which they are noted below are just a small sample and those interested in learning more should contact the Web Tellspec.

  • Find out the degree of ripeness of the fruit.
  • Reduce costs associated with the waste of food in the restoration through improved management.
  • Learn about the amount of water present in the frozen fish.
  • Access a database on food ingredients and their effects on human health.
  • Detect whether a plant has been grown organically or not.

Tellspec is a professional application that features several awards for technology and innovation, among which include the award European Commission H2020 Food Scanner Prize granted in Germany, third in the EIT Innovation Award held in Hungary and the award for the category of food security The Humanitarian Water Air and Food Award (WAF Award) Denmark.

The development was funded by a campaign crowdfunding a Indiegogo, and during Tellspec he established successful collaborations with multiple technology companies, laboratories and universities. University of Porto in Portugal was one of those involved, as was the famous US Texas Instruments. THE.

With the support of all these entities, nowadays there are people who get the most performance scanners food Tellspec, either to know what the true caloric intake of onion soup, as an aid in activism against food additives or insufficiently tested to ensure that not a single suboptimal dish is sold in its catering establishment.

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