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The 15 essential apps for restaurant manager


The new technologies They put at our fingertips the ability to improve productivity at work and thus, the benefit of our company. These open up new business opportunities that can make more efficient the work of the hospitality entrepreneur.

In the restaurants, more and more processes they must be automated and digitized. Scheduling shifts for employees, music, the lighting, optimizing food orders or reserve management are some of them. A manager must control many things and has little time for it.

So there are all kinds of applications that can become a boon for managers or managers of restaurants, who now have the ability to be more efficient and run your business from the screen of their smartphones. Here we highlight the 15 more important:

15 applications to make life a restaurant manager easier

1.- TripAdvisor

Since many people find new places to go eat and make decisions in front of this platform, it is important to keep images and comments in it about our restaurant. We must also ensure that our profile provides relevant information for visitors and highlight our strengths.

TripAdvisor has become for hoteliers in one of the most important sources of reputable online Thank you to your 315 million unique users per month, 100 contributions per minute and more 200 million comments and opinions.

For restaurant manager, be informed of the online reputation of your business is vital for improve competitiveness, besides being one of the key elements in the attracting and retaining new customers.

If you want to know even more about how to leverage TripAdvisor, We recommend this article: 10 keys to improve the classification of a restaurant TripAdvisor

Get TripAdvisor for IOS Y Android

2.- Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a key application for Management of Social Networks a restaurant. The ability to share accounts with other users allow, although the manager did not have to deal with making all own work community manager, you can still have access to review and validate, besides being able to do himself publications it deems appropriate.

In addition Hootsuite allows you to manage all your social profiles from a single application, where you can also schedule publications throughout the day, which helps save huge amounts of time.

Get HootSuite iOS O Android

3.- Spotify

This popular streaming music service will allow you to create the best playlists to acclimate a bar or restaurant. There are many Playlist carefully designed and with which you can enjoy the best music licensed for business environment.

Finding the right sound to acclimate your restaurant is very important for the Customer. If you want to find the perfect symbiosis between music and your restaurant or bar, Check out the playlist that every month we prepare in our newspaper to acclimate the best restaurants.

  1. Music for Restaurants: 50 songs for a dinner to La La Land
  2. Music for restaurants: 50 songs for a perfect desktop

Get Spotify iOS O Android

4.- 7shifts

If there is anything that creates stress on all employees of any company, and also of course in a restaurant, It is to know when they will perform the work shift.

This practical application allows the restaurant manager quickly upload times their workers Internet and that they are instantly visible, so you always know when to work and to share their preferences availability and rest time. The application also allows managers and employees to chat with each other in real time.

Download 7shifts for iOS O Android

5.- Evernote

This is the application to take digital notes. When you need to write something to remember later, Evernote will provide a very comfortable and simple solution.

Although iOS and Android devices come with apps standard notepad, Evernote is different because it allows you create to-do lists and send them to your employees. A basic application to share interesting information with your team and improve the management of the restaurant together.

Download Evernote for iOS O Android

Improve your restaurant operations and save on costs

6.- When I Work

You can easily configure your Smartphone and from all shifts and employee schedules, which in turn, also they have immediate access to this information.

Their slogan is "Do it all from your phone". And the truth is that, When I Work to complete shifts, approve individual applications for employees, holidays, etc. An application frees managers of a heavy workload office and allows them more time to devote to your business.

Descargar When I Work for iOS O Android

7.- Wunderlist

Wunderlist te permite Easily create to-do lists to share with your employees. This can help the restaurant manager to reduce the time spent managing and makes employees more easily know they have to do every day as soon as they enter the job, or look at their mobile devices.

Provided that the lists are updated, They are automatically synchronized with other user devices.

Wunderlist get in iOS O Android

8.- Freshbooks

With Freshbooks we will find an application that helps us keeping records of our business from our mobile. If there is a way to get updated at all times ledgers of our restaurant, It is allowing the implementation of changes in real time, although we are away from the computer or office, and this is precisely what we will get with Freshbooks

Get Freshbooks in iOS O Android

9.- Slack

The messaging application final team. It is the most convenient way to easily communicate with all your staff.

You get to create individual and group chats and mention to each team at any time. Allows the transfer of documents, making files together and a lot of options that help lighten the entire operation management through emails, meetings, etc… A blessing for every manager because it greatly simplifies much of their work.

Get Slack in iOS O Android

10.- RescueTime

If there is something that comes in handy to any restaurant manager, is the time management, days have, at least 30 hours, because many times does not give. Now there is a specific application to help you with this.

RescueTime helps us to optimize our time by tracking our daily digital habits, and offering a diagnosis to prevent these losses of time, It allows us to set new targets for productivity.

Download RescueTime in Android

11.- ZippyApp

This application tremendously easy for restaurant managers the arduous task involving the Hiring applicants job.

From here we will be able to manage the application more efficiently, quote candidates for an interview to close the recruitment process. In this newspaper you will find valuable Tips to hire the best workers for your restaurant.

12.- BlueCart

BlueCart is a focused application to facilitate management of a restaurant suppliers. It operates mainly in the US, South America and some European countries, among which is Spain.

Given the importance of maintaining the highest possible efficiency in ordering process with our supplier, BlueCart offers an environment in which only observe a glance, all our orders perfectly ordered.

This app connects restaurants with their suppliers and business sales. According to its web, "BlueCart users have 5 Sometimes fewer returns, They operate their orders 2 times faster and halve your restaurant leftovers ".

Download BlueCart for iOS O Android.

13.- Google Keep

This app allows users to create and share different types of notes (lists, images, audio, etc) and serves to take proper monitoring of the various tasks to be played during his turn. As the notes can be shared with managers, is a good way to know which tasks are completed and which are not.

Download Google Keep on IOS oa Android

14.- Instant Financial

Many times, managers are faced with the problem of hiring waiters or casual workers to shift certain, and having to pay management outside the usual transfers of each fixed restaurant worker.

As they are casual workers, payment of their wages often leads to a somewhat costly process, especially at administrative. With this app, this problem for the manager, but also for the worker who has to be expected to collect, disappears completely by allowing Instant payment at the end of each shift.

It is very simple to use and help us reduce a considerably operational costs associated with these payroll.

Download Instant Financial in IOS oa Android

15.- Mr.Noow

Mr. Noow is a multi-device app, that is to say, suitable for mobile and tablet, what It allows diners to see the letter, order and pay from your mobile, and you accumulate loyalty points, incentives to return to their favorite establishments.

Mr Noow It helps managers to increase the average ticket per guest, get more customers and optimize costs of its restaurants. As well as impacting an increase in net profit, diners are more satisfied Restaurant. The back-office of Mr Noow analyzed in aggregate and segmented consumption habits all draw useful conclusions allowing for the manager.

Download Mr.Noow in IOS oa Android

Applications to improve productivity and work managers

Remember that all these applications are intended to simplify the daily responsibilities of managers, chefs, managers or workers in general hospitality for help them become more efficient.

It is time to start innovating and trust technology to better manage your restaurant, sure you will bring many benefits to a very low cost…Did you try?

About the Author

Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



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