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10 tips for creating the website of a restaurant


The positioning of a business on the Internet is increasingly important for the smooth running of the day and the first step to achieve this is to have a website as convenient as complete.

Eating out always carries some risks: it may be necessary to book and we have no place, the letter we do not like or that the price is not within our reach. All this happens when we have already opted for a restaurant, but what if we have not yet taken a decision? The task becomes even more complicated, as are many factors that come into play -as already mentioned in previous articles-; Nevertheless, Internet has the solution.

And it is that through this channel a restaurant makes available to any user the ability to know its establishment without even having visited it personally. To this must create a web page that all relevant information is displayed in order to attract more customers. Although there is no specific parameters in design or structure, Yes there is unanimity when developing a web site according to user needs.

10 useful tips in creating and optimizing a website for your restaurant

1. Get an Internet address.

First and most important is to buy a domain and a quality hosting and good price , thereupon, ensure that the page is responsive, that is to say, suitable for all kinds of -Smartphones devices and tablets- beyond computers. Although optional, Many experts also recommend adding the schema.org marked the direction the aim of the restaurant is more recognizable and more understandable information search engine as Google, Bing, Yahoo! Y Yandex.

2. Develop a simple design.

Before structuring the restaurant's website you need to think about usability, that is to say, elements that Internet should find one to sort out the best way possible: Reservations, schedules, contact menu. Then it has to get the page navigation so easy that everyone can access the content you want. Ideally, a maximum of two clicks all the necessary information was found to take a decision on the establishment.

The ubication, photographs and views must be the pillars on which the website is based restaurant

3. Include the address as many times as necessary.

Distance is a factor to choose or dismiss a restaurant because the closer you are to us the more likely that we visit. In this way, it is recommended to put the address of the premises in the header, in the footer and even contact information -can attach a map of route-. To appear as a search engine result Google it is advisable to register in My Business and thus appear as a local business.

4. Add photos inside the restaurant.

Knowing the decor is essential for election: If there are candles, dim light or glasses of wine means it is ideal for couples and for romantic dinners; instead, if there is much light means it's a more casual restaurant, own celebrations or group events. The pictures also they reflect the state of conservation and furniture: modern, old, reformed…

5. Attach opinions of diners.

The style TripAdvisor, enable a section on the website for opinions not only encourages owner-client relationship, but also it provides additional information to stakeholders on staff, the price, food processing and many more aspects. Like when we seek hotels first thing we do is to read people's comments, as we are discerning diners we also like to make sure that the site we choose is not going to disappoint.

It is important to put all the tools at your service to push its final decision

6. Leave space for charter.

It is one of the key elements for the smooth running of a restaurant website. Why? For a good part of the people who go out to eat outside it ensures no unpleasant surprises when asking for much less time to pay. It is essential, so, In addition to showing that the dishes the price thereof stated. Nevertheless, You must be very careful how you do it, it is advisable to include the menu on the page itself-creating and web content- and avoid the menu in PDF-more slow and difficult to visualize-.

7. Allow reservations on line.

Arriving at the restaurant where you have so often dreamed to enter and saberte rest assured that you have your table reserved not paid with money. And all thanks to the section that says “Reservations”, usually it located just above the opinions of guests who have already had the opportunity to go to the local, so easy to find and use; Just simply enter personal data and backup. On the same page, In addition to offering online booking, Restaurants often offer alternatives like phone or email contact to narrow your visit.

How to Conquer the customer through the web Restaurant

8. Netizen offer a reward just by visiting the web.

Nowadays Many restaurants try to attract customers with irresistible offers, contests or giveaways through your page. The only requirement is that, In return, the user leave your contact information so he can receive from the downloadable coupons restaurant, recipes, invitations, awards or other free service; although there is also room for news, dates which closed the restaurant or organize upcoming events.

9. Being active in social networks.

It is increasingly important to have a profile Facebook, Twitter, Instagram O LinkedIn, as this allows the restaurant owner to establish direct contact with their regular customers and with potential future visitors: answer questions, news report, etc. To be noted in most social networks added to the restaurant page giving option “I like it” on Facebook and to follow its path.

10. Keep updated page.

No use having a domain on the web, an account on social networks or a newsletter if they give the feeling of being abandoned. And is that to find a restaurant on the Internet it is necessary for it to have all its tools updated and that, Besides, It is present in many sites as you possibly can: Google My Business, Facebook Places, TripAdvidsor Y Yelp They are just a few of them.

All this will make the enjoyment of a great restaurant SEO positioning, which will improve the image to the outside of the establishment and will become your greatest weapon to attract customers.

As we have seen, Internet presence for a restaurant is almost as important as cooking delicious dishes. That owner who does not understand or does not want to apply, you probably have problems in the future when certain diners loyalty. Thus, these 10 Indications can be a good start for a restaurant open market thanks to new technologies. as he says Diego Coquillat, “your restaurant door is wood or glass, It is digital” and the website is a good example.

About the Author

He graduated in journalism from the University of Valladolid although Fabero (Lion). Working for many years in the hospitality sector. Futura expert in food journalism and everything related to restaurants, a world that fascinates. His other passions: rock and sports.



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