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10 essential elements on a restaurant menu


The letter of a restaurant is a fundamental element to which we must pay close attention, as it depends in part that the customer is satisfied or not with the dish chosen and thus enjoy the experience or otherwise not want to return.

To make a good card It must take into account two basic aspects, one that is given by the restaurant's chef, What are they the dishes that will compose Y, on the other hand, the design of it, which should be in the hands of a professional.

In a restaurant we may have one or two types of cards. If we have specific menus, these should be included in a different menu. If the client has not specified in your reservation if you eat menu or not, when in the table we have to offer both cards.

Most restaurants with several Michelin stars do not have a letter in which the customer chooses what to eat, but who make only one or two menus, -usually one shorter and another Largo-. In this case, would not have to serve as many items as the menu of dishes, since the client only has two options in which what prevails when opting for one or the other is the amount of hunger you have or the money you want to spend.

But we must not forget that a design in keeping with the rest of the restaurant decor or even the dishes that make up the menu, adds an extra degree of customer satisfaction. Something as simple as telling a story at the beginning of the letter as an introduction to the experience that we will live or add an explanation of what the chef wants to convey with his creations can improve our menu.

If we focus on the other letter, that is to say, in those where we show the restaurant's dishes, we need to look at a series of elements that must give special emphasis to draft a letter to forward the philosophy of our restaurant and to facilitate customer making your own menu.

10 key elements in a restaurant menu:

  1. Clarity and concreteness:

The dishes They have to be well explained but without boring the client, This will prevent you having to constantly ask about the ingredients of each recipe to the bartender. But neither you have to sin explanations too long because the diner is tired to read and will not reach the end of it. further, shorten unnecessary waiting times to catch the commands if we developed a set menu.

  1. Organization of sections:

We must consider reading direction we continue to place first few plates or other. The eye is used to reading from left to right and top to bottom, so, we can not put our star dishes at the end of the letter, since it is possible that before they reach the customer has already decided what you will eat. The first thing that consider is what will be the dishes that most interest us economically, that is to say, those who will be most profitable for our business and seek a privileged place.

  1. Location of wines and desserts:

Depending on how our restaurant will offer a wine list separate from the rest or will include a section of drinks in dishes. If our restaurant is a medium-high level is essential to have a letter for the winery itself. As for the desserts have two options, show them with other dishes so that the customer can see them from the beginning or have them in a separate letter. If we choose the first option we risk that entrants are reduced to "make room" for dessert, whereas if we offer the card once you have finished and this is attractive, few people say no to the sweet spot.

  1. Chart data:

Do not forget to put the restaurant name, though it may be unnecessary, since it is logically the restaurant's where we are, if someone takes a picture and up to their networks is making advertising, If the name of our business on the letter will be informing those other potential customers. In addition to include the address, phone, email, web and all social networks where we are, encouraging in this way to create an active communication with our guests.

  1. Design of carte menu:

The "physical" of our letter has to go in line with the rest of the restaurant decor, we can not make a letter or menu too original if we have a traditional restaurant, for example. Attention must be paid to materials currently on the market to make our cards. Wood, plastic or metal are some of the alternatives to traditional roles. Use soft colors if your restaurant is more staid and pulls the most intense tones to the most modern and avant-garde local. Regarding the size that you need, how important is it manageable, not too heavy, and it is not larger than the space at the table for everyone.

  1. Typography and Infographics:

The letter must have a a balanced letter size, neither too big nor too small, be legible -Avoid cursive- and if possible dark on light background He reads a lot better a black letter on white background the contrary. You must also flee write all text in uppercase. Do not include photographs the dishes on the menu, good quality and appearance of the dishes should be taken for granted, If not, We would have an image problem to the customer. Nor should it have too many frills to distract the customer how important, which they are the dishes.

  1. Legend of allergens:

All cards should include references to allergens each dish containing. Increasingly people allergic and intolerances so we offer this service because it does not involve much effort and gives them a chance to eat away from home without fear of having an allergic reaction there.

  1. Restaurant menus adapted:

We have already discussed this in some other article, we should have Braille letters to meet the needs of all persons with low vision. O cards with pictograms for people with autism.

  1. Letters or children's menus:

According to the target audience of our restaurant we will assess whether it is appropriate or not to have special cards for children, this does not implies that the dishes are different from those in the letter for adults, simply him design and name of the dishes can be modified and be explained in a fun way, even in game form. If we beat the smaller and do these are comfortable in our restaurant we will attract parents, something to keep in mind the current boom baby.

  1. Letters in good condition:

It is essential that the cards are clean, undamaged, with pristine colors and updated. Although it may seem obvious in some establishments forget this small but important detail.

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