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10 tricks to eat free at restaurants… the casi


In recent years it has greatly increased the number of restaurants and menus or applications that offer free dishes both adults and children with the aim of attracting new customers.

How about lunch from Monday to Sunday at restaurants? It may seem crazy and a measure not suitable for all budgets. But nothing is further from reality as the price is best: 0 euros. How? Many of us will occur some ways to get; although it is true that most would not be legal.

We propose 10 ideas “legal” to eat free restaurants… the casi:

1.- Take advantage of discount coupons for restaurants

The first and most common thanks to new technologies are discount coupons offering numerous restaurant chains. The most widespread form of enjoying such bargains is to visit the website itself or by downloading the application for smartphones and tablets of the company.

Through it all will access exclusive content, menus rebates or gift, like this, in which Burger King It offers two medium menus for only 9.99 €, It is not free, but it recognizes that price is quite affordable.

2.- Stay tuned promotions on social networks of chain restaurants

The second way to join the fashion of eating out without take fright at seeing the bill has a lot to do with the previous paragraph, although his protagonists are tools like Twitter, Facebook o Line. Last year, this application rewarded those who speak for 10 days in a row with any contact in your directory giving them a medium pizza two ingredients in Telepizza.

Also McDonald's, through Facebook, He announced the new burger Grand Extrem and gave up 10.000 units the same if you were doing follower of his official page on Facebook and were following a few simple steps.

3.- Become a mystery shopper

The third way to eat away free is to work for a restaurant chain. In recent years the figure has mushroomed mystery shopper, something like the client or mystery shopper. In this practice, a company hires the services of a person who supervises undercover operation of the organization, cleaning thereof or the treatment offered by staff, among other occupations. In return, he mystery shopper receive free meals to eat and, sometimes, You can earn a salary.

4.- Go with the whole family to the restaurant and children eat for free

The fourth way to eat free it features minors children 12 years. There are many establishments that reward giving families a children's menu for each adult menu bought.

In Spain there are several places where this practice applies; one of them is Clotilda, Located in Sabadell, It is providing meals for the little ones for the symbolic price of one euro. Pizza Emporio have a similar promotion, while its website announces that on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at noon children enjoy a completely free children's menu. The only requirement is that an adult eat there too.

Emporio Pizza

Emporio Pizza

5.- Come or free dinner on your birthday

The fifth ruse to eat without paying a single euro is guaranteed if it is your birthday. In addition to discount coupons hundreds of shops, It is common to find an anniversary gift in the form of menu. These are some of the best known: Coal and firewood invites you to eat if you go with three friends-; Telepizza they give a medium pizza in your local store; in pizzerias Cambalache They give you a menu for you and all accompanying dessert; in The Knife do not pay if you are accompanied by three adults and penalty dinner also leaves you free if falls into weekend-.

6.- Do not miss any opening

The sixth way to go to a restaurant and not his wallet has to do with the organization of tastings, openings or reopenings local. Plenty are known promotions throwing some establishments to attract new customers. It is what has occurred 16 July this year in the Taco Bell in Alicante, where they were distributed 200 free menus among more than 400 assistants. Certain provinces also organize free wine tastings. Recently the Designation of Origin La Mancha has ended a conference on the consumption of this drink with a tasting at zero cost.

7.- Restaurant beats the record and not pay

The seventh ruse about eating and leave without having anything has its principal exponent in Big Texan Steak Ranch, Located in Texas, where the menu can reach 72 Dollars. But if we want to leave us free we eat it all: thread 2,04 kilos over a baked potato, a bagel and a prawn salad. To make matters worse, the maximum time to ingest all this is 60 minutes.

8.- Accumulate points and exchange them for free dinners

The eighth way to leave the restaurant without paying in Madrid. Desencaja Ivan Saez has decided to launch the Gastropuntos, an initiative to retain customers is to accumulate the most points Every time you visit your local get an amount- and redeem them for free lunches or dinners. In the capital of Spain are twelve fancy restaurants that have introduced this system: Pinera, Urrechu Y To the point are some of them

9.- Sneak in every village festivals

Events organized in various autonomous communities, such as celebrations, They bring the ninth way to alleviate hunger away, Uncooked and 0 euros. For it, we must be very attentive to sites like comerporlapatilla.com. This page allows you to make a tour around Spain without having to worry about the cost of food: from Galicia to Malaga, via La Rioja, Valladolid and Valencia.

Photos of the pan Macotera, Salamanca

Eating at Patilla

10.- Become a food blogger “molón”

The tenth and final way to enjoy a free meal is to create your own cooking blog. If you are good at drawing all kinds of dishes, you collect cookbooks and have good hand to write, already you have work. Use WordPress or Blogger to post tips and recommend restaurants and, once you reach the 1.000 followers, you can go to premises with the aim of making a critique of your menu. In exchange for the publicity received, the establishment will give away a lunch or dinner.

Although many seem, These are just some of the many strategies to keep our economy intact still eating away from home daily. From which you have benefited you? Will you tell us that does not know?

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He graduated in journalism from the University of Valladolid although Fabero (Lion). Working for many years in the hospitality sector. Futura expert in food journalism and everything related to restaurants, a world that fascinates. His other passions: rock and sports.



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