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10 simple and effective ideas in social networks for restaurants


Some years ago, the social networks they were used to connect with friends, are currently used by companies as tools for marketing, we are in a transformation process that will lead social networks to become large social businesses. A study by the cornell hospitality school reveals that three out of four restaurants are active on these digital channels.

Social networks promote customer participation in order to build digital communities. It is very important that the client participates through dynamization of the digital relationship, In the era in which we live, having a community is a challenge for restaurants.

Therefore we want to share with our readers and followers, 10 creative and simple ideas to use in communication through the social networks of a restaurant:

1. Share recipes and tips with your community

One way to generate interaction with users on social networks is the publication of gastronomic recipes; is becoming very fashionable in the wake of the pandemic. Is a way to get closer to the community and digitally transmit a small dose of the restaurant experience. If you already have a recipe book, it is without a doubt, a good way to promote it to your customers and followers.

Many of the most relevant chefs in Spain have joined the fever to publish recipes, in the example you can see the chef Dani García teaching his followers to cook a dish called “Lobster of the Señorito”.

2. Repost and interact with customers who mention the restaurant and share their posts

It is important to interact with users who go to the restaurant and create posts mentioning it, are the famous "repost". For this, it is advisable to share your publications; for example, a very common form is that of re-upload photos as stories, mentioning the users who generated the creatives.

A lot of the most important food franchises are already using this method, in the following example it is shown as Burger King share and mention a client's publication in your stories.

3. Post photos of the food, do you appear #Foodporn

Creating photos of delicious dishes is the most attractive way to generate interaction and increase the number of customers and followers. A widely used resource in social networks is lto publication of photos of high quality food, where you can see in the foreground a delicious dish of the establishment, this is called #FoodPorn, a term that is gaining more and more force in the networks.

Many restaurant chains use this type of resource to create publications, one of them is the one shown in the following example, top Grill, where it shows a succulent photo of a hamburger in the foreground. Who can resist this temptation?

4. Involve your staff and share it through stories

Showing restaurant staff in posts can be a way to create a good work environment. Workers can feel appreciated and valued, being able to influence a lower staff turnover in a sector that is notorious for it.

This can create great interaction from employees' family and friends., Y for the algorithm of social networks it can be quite attractive as it is synonymous with quality, so they could position the publications and generate a greater number of impressions and interactions.

5. Encourage customers to share photos of the restaurant, ask them for the “digital bribe”

For customers to share restaurant posts is the best way to generate interaction and a good bond with the community. Apart from uploading succulent food photos, it is important to publish photos of customers enjoying the food in the restaurant, this will make potential customers imagine the restaurant experience.

It is important to ask clients for permission to use photographic resources, as there are always exceptions and you may not like them being used.

6. Communicate to your customers all the measures adopted against COVID-19

Inform your customers of all the measures that your restaurant takes against the COVID-19. Show all the daily effort that your team makes to maintain that space of trust and security facing the difficult situation we are going through.

Show them too the new ways of consuming your products, through take away, O delivery, inform them of all the news and the different options they have to continue enjoying their favorite dishes in the place they choose.

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7. Teach the values ​​of your restaurant and the help you bring to the community

Highlighting the human side of your restaurant is undoubtedly the best way to connect with your customers. Your restaurant will become more than just a business, in view of your customers, making a difference in the sector, There is no need to fear showing that more human side and those causes in which your business helps.

He Chef José Andrés has been carrying out many aid actions since the beginning of the pandemic, handing out food or providing meals to the most disadvantaged.

8. Make the most of your creativity

He Marketing Online many times it feeds on the most popular trends that circulate on social networks. One of the keys to achieve this virality is to try to generate different content and actions that surprise.

9. Be active responding to your community

Reply to comments and interact with your followers, do it regularly and turn your social networks into a forum where your clients come to consult and obtain the information they are looking for.

Analyze that information to find strengths and weaknesses your restaurant, sure it helps to mark very positive paths in the marketing your restaurant. That investment of time in answering your customers can make you stand out from your competition and of course increase the loyalty and loyalty of your customers.

Make visible, with calls to action, the spaces where your clients can leave their comments and opinions, and the value that your business gives to them.

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10. Energize the community with raffles or contests among your followers

Give gifts to your followers on social networks through contests. Initiate collaborations with other companies to carry out giveaways. There are many ideas that can be very valuable marketing tools.

  • Gift cards
  • Experience cards
  • Romantic Dinner on Valentine's Day (flower gift)
  • Special menu
  • Gifts when taking away

It is important to take great care of the brand image and that everything is in harmony with your other publications. Show a clear campaign title with a fun hashtag, plus another free hashtag. Invite them to tag and share your post as part of the contest. Engage customers by asking for photos of specific events or parties like Halloween, Carnival, Christmas.

By following these simple steps you can improve your presence on social networks your restaurant. All restaurants are already in the networks for that reason it is necessary to pay attention to this new way of using communication and marketing in your business.

Try that your content is full of creativity and shine giving the possibility of giving visibility to your customers, show the human side of your team, answer all opinions and interact with your customers and be aware of how the course of this is changing digitization of the sector so as not to be left behind and improve your business.

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