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12 innovative ideas that failed in restaurants…Or not?


There is no doubt that the variety of restaurants and food products is immense, nor it seems questionable that an idea to differentiate ourselves from the competition is necessary never before seen in the market. Nowadays the novelty is a key factor for business success, so to offer customers a product or service different and unique is one of the tasks that should be stressed more when consider the possibility of opening a restaurant.

Following this logic, and as expected, currently we can find all kinds of things in the world, some very good and some not so. And is that, of all business meetings and brainstorming, occasionally out some other nonsense. We agree that innovation is fine, It is desirable and necessary, but then to put live fish in a fishbowl on which to place our salad ... Perhaps the thing we're getting out of hand.

Where is my plate?

We will not call dishes because they really are not, in spite of We Want Plates, an advocacy platform that wants an end to "serve food on pieces of wood and tiles, cups fries and drinks in jam jars ". Literally. This is the struggle of Ross McGinnes, founder and developer a platform denouncing photographs strange experiences with containers they send their more than 130.000 followers Twitter Y Facebook . Here we collect some of them but in his web there are many other. Highly recommended if you want to have a fun time.

1.Pan semi-pan-semi-plate

We do not want to judge rashly but we could be facing a case of least resistance. In this restaurant Food is served in pans, we do not know if leverage is already used for cooking or if they catch new closet. We want to be clean heart.

2.Tin your mouth

More of the same? This is you could have eaten at home, but paying for it three times. Look at the good side, at least you have removed the tracksuit to go out.

3."Do not tell him to have her shoe Cinderella"

We imagine that conversation executive creating:

-We need to give a twist to our product. What happens is you?

(Silence, scheming brains)

-I already have it! Food inside a shoe heel.

-We're going to petar.

4.The food is not pulled

That should be the motto of this restaurant that broom and dustpan to clean not only serve. The owners must have thought your sandwich would be great and also the cleaning staff would save some work. So what everyone happy?

5.A new use for glasses

"We are sorry, We have spoiled us the dishwasher and we only have this pair of clean glasses. Does the beer you want in bowl?”.

6.He “Take-away Huevera Edition”

The eggs, on eggcup. Bread and sauces, as well. The creators say it is a minimalist design but rather It is unhygienic and impractical. You'll end eating cardboard.

Food not saved innovation

7. The deconstructed breakfast

This is no longer a matter of being served breakfast on a tray operating room, but the overall presentation. Really, no where to get it.

8. El Pollo Excalibur

Did you think that eating chicken is not your risk? For careful because a distracted bite in this restaurant and you're wearing Joker smile or you become King of England, who knows. Perfect for fans of medieval movie or Game of Thrones.

9.Sausage tree

This type of tree can not find in a greenhouse… and do not lose anything. Our doubt is: Does this how you eat?

Flora and fauna on the table d elos restaurants

10.Dishes to beat around the bush

More than one has chosen serving food in tree trunks and branches of looking to innovate in their restaurants. For some inexplicable reason is a practice that has become fashionable.

11.This fish is raw

We do not understand very well what the red Coi swimming below salad, so better let you judge for yourself. What is no doubt that the fish in this restaurant is fresh, at least fishbowl.

12.They are waiting for other diner

There seems to be suspect in this picture until you look at the salad bowl. Is that where says 'Rabbit'? In English, yes, but puts rabbit. Maybe they're just waiting for recycling or a customer something hairier.

a fine, 12 Examples of innovation that could apply that to: "Fail fast, fails soon ... but mostly, fail cheap ".

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