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5 Facebook prepares developments which will affect restaurants


Surely if I tell you the F8 will completely change the way we communicate through Facebook, you start looking for this key on your computer. Leave it alone, F8 is not a key, good, Yes it is, but it has nothing to do with what I'm going to tell.

Facebook F8 Conference is an international event held last 18 Y 19 April in San Jose (California) and which it is popularly known as F8. This annual conference, directed exclusively to this social network developers, the company shows and explains the news, plans and product updates that are planning to launch in the coming months.

important new digital marketing for restaurants

In this event not just talking about Facebook as, as well you know, It is not the only product of the company. WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram Y eye are some of the brands that depend on the giant social networks.

The progress They are arising in this meeting promise to revolutionize the market of communication and social networks Y, so, other industries that use. Between them, and very actively, are the restaurants. We highlight a curious fact of the event and that is that the price of admission is 595$.

Let's see what are the strengths that we draw from the conference and that could represent a significant change in the restaurant industry:

A new panorama in social communication of restaurants

1.- Facebook Camera comes alive

Facebook has realized one thing, the camera of your smartphone has to be an indispensable tool to communicate. That is why it has launched the Camera Effects Plataform.

Forget the simple filters that until now you could use to upload a photo to Facebook. Now this will come alive thanks to special effects, frames and a number of utilities. AR Frame Studio and Studio will 2 tools that developers can use within the platform to create countless content, using augmented reality and 3D trackeo.

Thus, They get captured by the camera motion is interpreted by the system and allow interact with it. How many pictures of dishes from restaurants with star effect, smoke and much more we will find from now on?

2.- Augmented reality, your restaurant becomes virtual

Augmented reality comes to Facebook. In the coming years the social network aims to, through the camera of your smartphone, we can communicate with our customers in a way 100% virtual.

But that is not here. Applied to the restaurant industry, the possibilities are endless. One of the new uses of the application will be able to convert 2D photos in 3D and add virtual notes or objects. Can you imagine upload a photo to Facebook with a virtual element that will explain the different allergens?

But the best comes here: you can capture with your camera and an object, by clicking the, access to purchase information, for example. Will this be the end of the cards “physical”? I would not say yes, but certainly the concept “virtual Charter” Whatever makes a lot of sense see, I want it! You have the option to directly buy this product.

3.- Messenger recommend restaurants

We all know that Facebook advertising is a foolproof method. Thanks to its powerful segmentation tool, we can easily reach our potential customer. But what if, In addition to advertise, is Facebook itself which recommends a restaurant? The key is the Intelligent Assistant Messenger (Known as M), a tool that monitors the conversations that occur to provide relevant recommendations.

Thanks to this update you could be talking to a friend about Italian food and is the Messenger himself who recommend you order food through Eat Just ChatBot.

4.- Facebook Spaces. Virtual reality comes to Facebook

Bet the next few years by virtual reality comes to the absolute limits. A clear example is the launch of Facebook Spaces. A new app with which you can “stay” virtually with friends, as if everyone in the same room estuvieseis. But who says room, says a lake, a beach or, as, a restaurant. Only be needed glasses virtual reality Oculus (Yes, They are also Facebook) and a lot of imagination. In this video you can better understand what we mean.

5.- Fan pages get smarter

How much time do you spend a day responding to messages on Facebook? Personalizing communication with a user who wants to make a reservation or with someone who asks about an allergen will be a thing of the past thanks to Smart Replies, The new Facebook functionality that lets you automate customer service.

Its operation is “simple” (between quotation marks, simply because it has nothing): through an artificial intelligence software, detects the most common questions (opening times, Web address, make a reservation, etc.) and using the information contained in the fanpage, responds instantly to the user.

As well, These are some of the news that Facebook has announced in its F8 and that will certainly affect the way restaurants communicate with your community of followers through this social network. visual effects through the camera, 3D, augmented reality, intelligent assistants, chatbots, Virtual reality and smart replies will be very soon some tools that we use in our restaurant through Facebook… Are you ready?

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