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50 keys to success of a restaurant in Facebook


I use quite a while ago Facebook strategies for companies, mainly in restaurants, I use it almost daily and I must admit it is an ideal social network for positive results in SMR (Social Media Restauranting).

In this post I wanted to reflect my study and my professional experience in this social network, and I share it with you.

Restaurants and Facebook

Thus, I leave what in my opinion would be the 50 keys all restaurant should be used in Facebook to achieve their goals:

1.- Create a business page for your restaurant, not a profile.

2.- Haz involved and who fall in love, You get much more than sell.

3.- Your new customers are called friends and you will surprise.

4.- Use the 2.0 for friends in the 1.0.

5.- Set a clear goal of what your restaurant pursues on Facebook.

6.- Humanizes your restaurant and express yourself as a person.

7.- Promotes participation, Make contests, raffles, events…

8.- Multiply the interaction of your fans with good photos of your products.

9.- get a lot “I like it” and you have relevant content for your restaurant.

10.- Question and know things that you can not imagine your restaurant.

11.- I was close, Ask her opinion and advice to your fans.

12.- Remember that many gawkers on Facebook, movilízalos.

13.- Take time with your fans, you get much more than customers.

14.- Promote your Facebook page on your restaurant, It is part of it.

15.- Facebook no es twitter.

16.- Use other social media to drive traffic to your Facebook page.

17.- Take time to flange “information” and you will find seekers.

18.- See brief, People in a hurry and are lazy.

19.- Facebook is public, anyone can enter your restaurant.

20.- If you have many negative comments, You think you have to change things in your restaurant, not on Facebook.

21.- uses Facebook Ads for fans of quality.

22.- Be transparent, shows your product, your restaurant, your employees… your secrets.

23.- Involve your Facebook to other restaurants, organizations, providers…

24.- Be honest, no one thinks your perfect restaurant…Neither you!

25.- Your fans excited and get incredible things.

26.- Be sure to say hello, respond and thank all and everyone s.

27.- Educate your fans, show them the benefits of your products.

28.- Get your fans to be those who sell your product and restaurant.

29.- Do not forget that Facebook is also movable, even allows geolocation.

30.- Be consistent, each day begins and ends a story to tell in your restaurant.

31.- experience, is the best way to know what works best for you.

32.- Not just talk about your restaurant, He talks about everything you are passionate about.

33.- Ensures the best experience of your fans…always!

34.- Segmentation is one of the great values ​​Facebook.

35.- You'll get more answers to your fans before and after their workday.

36.- Involve your employees and encourages their participation.

37.- Talk to your customers in the restaurant, then talk to your fans on Facebook.

38.- If you say you are advertising, if you tell your fans is relevant content able to influence others.

39.- If you want to differentiate yourself from your competition, Be creative and… Uses Facebook!

40.- Put your strategy value Facebook getting online reputation and reservations.

41.- Utliliza words that promote action, “hazte of”, “Tell us”, “send”…

42.- New customers do not decide for themselves, they help their friends Facebook.

43.- Use Facebook to diversify your product and attract different friends.

44.- Do not rush, They are not good for anything, nor to Facebook.

45.- Facebook is the perfect complement to your strategy SMR (Social Media Restauranting).

46.- It includes questions on your updates on Facebook and get more interactions.

47.- Do not be scared if one day enter and Facebook has changed, It is normal 🙂

48.- Many fans begin a contest and one day you see them sitting in your restaurant…That's the magic.

49.- Never stop listening and learning.

50.- Enjoys and get ready because you're going to thrill.


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CEO of DiegoCoquillat.com and director of the EscuelaDiegoCoquillat.com, teacher, consultant, lecturer and entrepreneur incorrigible. If you can not find it here, search near the sea. Passion for new technologies and restaurants ... passion for life.


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