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Eating in the dark, a new trend in restaurants


Many times we eat by sight. In these restaurants we can not do, an essential part of the menu is darkness. Whole dining experience, wherein at not having sight, the other senses are developed and further, We can empathize with the blind.

Sure you, when you've gone dark you wondered how it should be living like this forever. We tend to better understand other people when we put in place. In this case not only is empathy, but to live the same situation, if only for a dinner.

Here we present some examples of innovative restaurants, with a risky and interesting bet. Come dark, talk without light, bebe without seeing at these restaurants. They achieved that one of suprimirte the senses, the sight, develop and enhance the rest.

Restaurants to dine in the dark

A Dinner in the dark It is what provides O.Noir since opening in Canada 'Dine in the Dark', name of the restaurant located in Montreal (2006) and Toronto (2009). It is an extraordinary culinary adventure that has already caused furor in Europe, Australia, The Angels, New York and now, in Toronto. O.Noir customers food will taste, drinks and conversation as they had never done before, without being able to use the sense of sight. Another of the singularities of these establishments is that many of its employees are sightless.

“Is a sensual experience like no other, when we eat in the dark, the remaining senses are heightened to appreciate the smell and taste. Even the simplest dishes, like potatoes and yogurt, become a culinary flare”, says founder and former owner of O.Noir.

But this restaurant gets more than fire the imagination and stimulate the senses. After an hour or two in complete darkness, -there are no flashlights, or moving, or cigarettes, or lighters, nor watches worth light- customers will understand better what it means to be blind, like all the restaurant staff room.

Origin of dinners in the dark in restaurants, a new business model

It is concept of dinner in the dark It originated in Zurich, from Jorge Spielmann, a blind priest who used to blindfold your guests to eat so they could share their dining experience. In 1999 Opened BlindeKuh, (which in German means something like blind cow) a project aimed at teaching about the world of the blind, which in turn, provide work blind.

Since 2011 O.Noir has a new management team and restaurant have become, like the service and installation. Which indicates that is not only necessary attractive business model with a good idea, but the constant renewal is necessary to achieve a different and lasting Restaurant. This is the vision that defends the current owner Dr. J.R. Feng, an award-winning and known for his work in polymer chemistry and engineering during the day and entrepreneur who spends the night and the weekend to grow in values ​​and wisdom to the people of the area scientist.

The menu and service have also improved and have explored new business models. Currently, the growing number of customers makes the owner is optimistic about the future, already it has 10 professional blind waiters. This is an experience that accentuates the other senses.

The lobby is the only lit restaurant space. After selecting the menu guests are escorted to a dining room in the dark, where links with the waiters are accentuated, because in the dark, Customers rely solely on staff.

Lunch or dinner in the dark in restaurants in Spain

In Paris, London, Moscow and, since 2010, also in Barcelona, In the dark the cadena It gives us the opportunity to live the experience of tasting dishes blindly. The restaurant has a team of 16 people offering a menu surprise diners know and can not see. During the meal the waiters, many of them blind, become guides customers in what is expected to be a trip to the senses most neglected. Thus, chain also notes that produces a exercise tolerance and awareness of the group of blind people.

This is how will act while eating dark:

It is time to clarify a question that you know is going through the head: What if I want to go to the bathroom? Calm, services have lighting but to reach them you'll have to ask one of the waiters who go with you to him so that manage to get without bumping against all the furniture.

Restaurants dark in other countries


In the restaurant A transient night Berlin guests will enjoy food in the dark but also a show that includes a jazz band, a seminar on raw foods (The advantage of the situation is that no one will know if you fall asleep), a comic performance and a performance of juggling, about juggling we not know whether or not there will be light, will be discovered. There are several menus to choose from but the suggestion is to bet on the surprise menu.


Here we find Opaque, opaques are in San Francisco and San Diego. Both are among the most expensive restaurants in the world dark (The daily menu is 99 Dollars).


The restaurant CamaJe Bistro, en Greenwich Village, It is different from previous, in this case the restaurant is light and customers are those who wear a mask. This method simply the act of going to the bathroom but is not such a complete experience.

The world is full of restaurants with no light where dinner is an enriching experience that will become an act of empathy. In addition to filling the stomach we can understand, for a few hours, blind people. We're not saying we want to compare a few hours or hardness eating every day without seeing, we understand it as an action that will help us to open our minds.

Here's a list with more restaurants where the motto is “Best dark”. Do not hesitate to visit if you have the opportunity.

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