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The 35 Apps for most popular restaurants in the United States


Growth in the use of smart phones or smartphone is an indisputable fact, we are becoming more we use these devices on a frequent basis, an increase in sales for this year is expected 2013 a 30% compared to the previous year.

The restaurant industry can not be outside of this mobile revolution and every day new applications that facilitate or near users appear to restaurants.

Several articles I have written in this blog about this topic, but today I would like to share with you an interesting infographic published recently in the American Portal FastCasual.com. It is a ranking, differentiated by category, of the App's restaurants on utilities Most Popular in United States, many of them are not born as a mobile application, but it is the PDA version of the web to the mobile version.

It is certainly a very interesting opportunity to see where are the new trends in the use of the App's in the restaurant industry and to adapt our business to these potential customers.

Below each image you have links to each application.

1.- App's to locate a restaurant

Are mainly large well-known portals in the US and also internationally where you can find thousands of restaurants and booking available.

Apps for restaurants

Urbanspoon, LocalEats, OpenTable, WhereToEat

2.- App's for opinions and experiences of other users

Utility based on the concept of online reputation transferred through hundreds of thousands of customer comments and photographs restaurants.


Yelp, Tripadvisor, Foodspotting, Citysearch, Local.com

3.- App's on nutritional characteristics in restaurants

Knowing the nutritional components of different foods is an upward trend in the US and gradually also is finding its audience in the rest of the world.

App nutritional characteristics in restaurants

Healthyout, Eatthisnotthat, Gluten Free Fast Food, Findmeglutenfree, Unified Lifestyle

4.- App’s sobre ofertas y promociones especiales en restaurantes

El mercado de las promociones en los restaurantes, quizás dentro del sector, es el que más ha crecido en estos últimos cinco años.

Apps oferta restaurantes

Groupon, Livingsocial, Scoutmob, Happy Hours, Savored

5.- App’s para comida a domicilio de restaurantes

Un nuevo nicho de mercado que muchos restaurantes están encontrando para diversificar su oferta y llegar a un número mayor de clientes.

Apps comida a domicilio en restaurantes

GrubHub, Eat24, Seamless, Oder Pizza, Delivery.com

6.- App’s para pagar la cuenta en los restaurantes

Es uno de los grandes retos de la tecnología para el corto plazo que indudablemente va a cambiar los hábitos en la forma de pago de los clientes de los restaurantes.

Apps para pagar en los restaurantes

PayPal, Square, Tabbedout, PayDragon, Bartab

7.- App’s que premian la fidelidad de los clientes

Fomentan un nuevo concepto de fidelización basado en la gamificación y en la pertenencia a el lugar.


Foursquare, Front Flip, Delibery.com, Dine in or out, Snapfinger

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