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The 5 best apps to calculate the calories you eat, even in restaurants


With a single click we can know not only the calorie content of the food we enjoy every day in our house but we are also aware of fats, carbohydrates or proteins containing the dishes in our favorite restaurants.

In recent years we have seen how the sport has evolved from an entertainment that can be enjoyed from the sofa to become a habit, because he has delved into the day-to-day a society that is ever going to the gym, jogs or bike for exercise. Thus. No more than entering a clothing store that was once unthinkable to find a shoe to see how today we have the full team running.

Why? Why, In addition to distract the mind momentarily, It helps us achieve a healthy body and healthy -so desired today-.

Suited to our needs diet you can report to us many benefits, so it is important to know what each food is made: proteins, will, energetic value, etc.Gobustillo

The symbiosis between sport and food

But not only just sport, as well food plays a key role since throughout history there are many who have very rightly pronounced the sentence “we are what we eat”. And is that suited to our needs diet you can report to us many benefits, so it is important to know what each food is made: proteins, will, energetic value, etc.

This is where new technologies for smartphones or tablets come into play, responsible for developing apps that control the amount of calories that enter our body quickly and easily.

Counting calories in restaurants

There are applications that help you keep track of the people obsessed care of your body, since most of them provide detailed information of almost any product with the simple action scan with mobile barcode. Thus, when you buy into account many calories of food before purchasing to avoid being forced to cook at home a packed bowl of fat.

There are even some people who at the time of making a commanding at a restaurant either take the calculator to regret not having enjoyed such a delicious dish as calorie. While it is true, Many stores now offer cards that already voluntarily report their calorie dishes in order to eliminate the belief that away from home you can not eat healthy.

And the truth is that it is far less difficult, especially in countries like the United States, where a study of 2011 Y 2014 He concluded that each dish served in restaurants or food -fast- It has an average of 1.200 Kcal as a result of the inclusion of sugars and energetic ingredients.

5 as attractive as useful applications to control calorie intake

Achieve the ideal weight, have a right to the body and perform good training measures are the dictates that make these apps, which have become nutritionists while personal trainers. behold 5 of the most downloaded applications and better valued by Internet.

1. My Fitness Pal. Available in several languages ​​-the Spanish is one of them- and up to three operating systems like Windows Phone, Android e iOS. It is one of the most acclaimed by users because of the extensive database with working: more of 5 million food; a number that increases every day since anyone can register or edit the information plate. It also lets you scan the barcode of almost any product to know how many calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates or fibers containing.

The latest version of My Fitness Pal welcomes a long-awaited improvement, although he is currently in beta and only supports iOS, consisting of include calorie information serving dishes 500.000 American restaurants.

2. My Plate Calorie Tracker. simply known in Spanish as “Calories counter”, It is not only present in the form of application but there is a web address called The Daily Plate for those who want to know the calories in a particular dish and prefer to do it from a computer. Besides offering exactly the daily calorie intake, fat or carbohydrate, It offers the user a nutritional database that houses more than 525.000 Food and restaurants.

3. Lose It!. It is a very similar tool My Fitness Pal although the latter has a much broader database that allows, at the same time, know information on a product with greater efficiency and speed. In any case, Lose It! It is suitable for those who want to lose weight by creating a personalized plan for it: exercise, healthy diet, estimated time… It is essential to add each food consumed and thus know the number of calories you have ingested; a useful way to do this is is to photograph the barcode to get the precise nutritional value.

A snapshot enough to know the calories menu

4. Im2Calories. Despite still be under development, There are high expectations surrounding this app after announcing that Will it work with an algorithm able to count the calories of a product from a photograph. the image, taken with any smartphone, first distinguish foods that appear and then provide an estimate of the number of calories each depending on the size or proportion having on the plate.

Im2Calories It is patented Google and seeks to help the user with a single click you have all the information at your fingertips; so good, It is designed so that you continue to improve as used.

5. Meal Snap. Very similar to previous, the only difference is that Meal Snap It is already on the market to be installed on Android devices, iOS o Windows Phone. It is to photograph the food for the application to calculate the maximum possible accuracy the number of calories in the same.

One of the fastest and easiest to use, It is recommended by experts for control daily food intake; the only “but” It is that the user does not receive diet recommendations or products, You can not add physical activity nor the number of calories burned.

Weightwatchers, lifess, Sparkpeople, calories Pro!, Fat Secret, FooducateThe list of applications to find the balance between what we eat and the exercise we do is so broad that it would be difficult to choose the best. What we can do is download one of them to see if our lifestyle is right and, Otherwise, improve as far as possible. It seems easy right?

About the Author

He graduated in journalism from the University of Valladolid although Fabero (Lion). Working for many years in the hospitality sector. Futura expert in food journalism and everything related to restaurants, a world that fascinates. His other passions: rock and sports.



  1. Hi Jennifer 🙂 the truth is that it has been very useful your post, I took a while trying to find an app that is easy to use and combine both the subject of food as sport, although there are many, It is difficult to find one that suits your lifestyle… After trying some, which I found most practical is Yazio. It is very intuitive, you simply have to go to record your meals and exercise that you are doing and the app and will indicate how close you are to get your daily goal. further, recetillas has a very useful section that I love! (https://www.yazio.com/es)

    • Hello Maria! Thank you very much for your comment. We note the app you comment, and promise to investigate. Who knows? Maybe we like it so much that we make an article. In any case, thank you for your ideas and share your opinion with us. A greeting!

      • Thank you Jose! I have to say I'm a big fan of your foodie section and sustainability, what art! it's great! Keep sharing!! Thank you

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