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A futuristic restaurant opens without precedent in China 46 robots without human employees


Crisis coronavirus 2019-peak It keeps the focus of media attention on China. But the Asian giant is no stop at the greatest threat. Proof of this is that economic activity remains buoyant outside the city of Wuhan.

In Guangzhou, a coastal town not far from Hong Kong, It has just opened an innovative restaurant that uses the latest in robotics for automate processes They are taking place in the business and offer a unique user experience which also serves as a commercial claim.

Se trata del Foodom Robotic Restaurant, the first restaurant of its kind in the canton of Guandong. The establishment is run by the specialized robotics group at the holding Country Garden, Qianxi Robotic Catering Group.

The restaurant opened its doors 12 from January, thanks to the collaboration of 750 professionals from the most diverse sectors: programmers, engineers, restaurant managers, Market analysts, Company managers and, as it could not be otherwise, chefs.

In particular they have been 11 chefs who participated in this adventure picturesque. One of the best known is Lin Chaodai, a professional 52 years with multiple awards to his name. The role of Lin and others 10 chefs who have worked in the Foodom Robotic Restaurant not prepare food that will be served at the tables, but its powers have been more closely linked to training processes within the establishment.

And workers who have received training from the hand of so exalted team of chefs are Kitchen robots capable of learning that they have been installed at Pioneer Restaurant.

In this way the controllers have managed to get the hang Cantonese food, typical specialty of the area which is highly appreciated by the citizens of Guangzhou. This culinary style is delicate and It requires very precise control over the cooking process, especially with temperatures and times referred. In this sense, Robots do an excellent job because they can track these magnitudes thanks to its advanced sensors.

Noodles, boles, rice, fried food, desserts and cocktails served at Restaurant Foodon Robotic have nothing to envy to those made by award-winning chefs and baristas more.

And to achieve this has not been necessary to sacrifice the aesthetics of the local. Although robots cuisine restaurant have articulated arms, its appearance has been refined to be visually pleasing. further, They are integrated perfectly with the decor of the local, mixing the stream with a futuristic pop tone, fanciful scenarios typical of science fiction.

The operation of the local is complex from a technological point of view, but simple for commensal. The visitors have to place your order from a touch screen that presents the letter of the restaurant. Once you have chosen and confirmed his commands, information is transmitted 32 woks robotizados, which are responsible for preparing appropriate dishes.

The client can stay engrossed watching the articulated arms proficiently handle deep fryers, They serve food and then enter a tremendously efficient self-cleaning process. Or conversely, You can sit quietly at the table of your choice and wait for delivery robots will take their food.

All fronts of the restaurant are automated using robotics, and this includes service camaraderie. No staff to serve customers. A landmark restoration It has been achieved thanks to 46 robots, all created by the subsidiary Country Garden Holdings.

PLCs keep the preparation times to the minimum, stipulating a maximum of five minutes between the time the visitor gives his commands and the instant when this is served. further, Kitchen robots are capable of ensuring all health standards, tax homogeneity and quality both from the directors of the corporation as hospitality from government agencies or administrative.

The Foodom Robotic Guangzhou Restaurant is another example of the future of restaurants. Each passing day implementation of robotics in the sector is more evident, and although some delay in Europe still is perceived, in EE. THE. Asia and the adoption of this technology is quickly catching traction.

It's only a matter of time robotic restaurants like this come to Spain and Latin American countries. And when they appear, most likely they are a success.

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    I think it is an interesting option and it will be very novel,worth admiring, surely very clean and everything very perfectly structured, but in my opinion something very important is missing, which is the human factor and the connection with it that allows us to interrelate and express our emotions. To some extent it will become like a beverage vending machine, It can be very interesting as an option for home food dispenser.

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