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The 7 key in managing human resources in a restaurant


Continuing my previous article “Reflections on what the client is looking today at a restaurant”, and always under the umbrella of 3 key that today most valued customer for a complete experience: service, product and atmosphere, I like to focus on the first one, the service.

The service is really the most complex of all the keys, and a percentage of management that is not under our control, although we can accompany you to go down the path we want to keep our business.

In our restaurants we will offer customers the service according to the importance, valuation and effort you want to give ourselves. There is a popular saying that on many occasions, "Children are what they see parents", as in this case, to extrapolate our businesses, our employees are what they see of us. Hence the Human Resources Management has much more importance than before, when perhaps it was not so valued but the truth is that now, without proper recruitment, We played our own success.

Key HR management in a restaurant

In HR management, we can stand out 7 keys that must comply and then I will come in to detail:

1.- Staff pick:

There is no perfect technique far from ideal first selection group, exit rate or continued after a selection process is very high. The main source of the problem is sometimes not properly communicating skills that the position requires or values ​​that are needed, and how they want to convey. Perhaps because the person in front seat, Listen though his only goal is to pass the interview and get a job.

The key in selecting staff to find a team, your team. Start thinking of them as your customers, and they will follow you for your project. Reflexiónalo and see clear.

2.- Training:

It is the best investment you can make in your personal. The first training they receive must show the company, where is born, how it is and where it goes, who make up, and what they can bring positive addition to a salary, that's obvious, to grow both professionally and personally. Remember that you are forming a team, and to succeed it must be as stable in time and committed to you and your project.

3.- Communication:

Whenever you can Have a direct communication with your team. Just as important it is to communicate and build failures to avoid, as reinforcing and recognizing a job well done. We are people and the difference between having workers or team with the you get emotional value you are able to transfer. The money has the same value everywhere ... look for the difference.

4.- Working environment:

It is a factor It will make our team more or less productive, with better or worse performance and also it causes emotional balance as worker, convey their feelings to the end customer by offering a good or bad service, and do not forget that it is key for the customer to choose us.

5.- Motivation:

On motivation it is all written, it is difficult to innovate in theories or propose advice. It's clear that if we have reached this point with a good selection, a trained team, with optimal internal communication and a stable working environment, motivation is obtained thanking, publicly acknowledging the effort, and knowing the implication surprise ... here's your chance to prove if indeed you consider them part of your team.

6.- Teamwork:

We've all had cases of employees with high skills, with big ideas, with big dreams and big projects, but when one belongs to a group, a team, a common project, has to know how to prioritize the overall needs of the company and assume the role at that time played, sometimes be a leader and others will be gregario, but within a team there who will not respect this rule meets or as heads and we allow it ... never work as a team.

7.- Leadership:

From my point of view, Leadership will always be linked to the attitude. We can only hope for the right of that from the beginning is considered or considered, for reasons that are, a worker or another number for the company.

In Human Resources we can have more or less high and low workers as we have been able to meet the expected goals. This will influence our leadership in assessing, trust, delegate, recognize, to motivate… among many other capabilities that we must take on a daily basis. But leadership will deepen more in the following article.

HR will help you find the best equipment for your restaurant

Nobody said have a good team it was an easy task, Quite the opposite! Maybe even more complex than profitable business.

The pace of life drags us to a very high physical and mental demands to get to meet the basic needs marked. For this reason all who care and empathize with the emotional factor of his team, You have a very high success rate in their restaurant, getting the customer to choose us for our service differentiator, which together with our product and ambience offer a unique experience.

In conclusion to this reflection on the importance of human resources in restaurants I would like to end with a quote from Stephen Covey "You can buy the work of one person, but you can not buy your heart. At the heart are his loyalty and enthusiasm. Heart and talent give it to whom they choose. Being a leader is an opportunity ".

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