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8 online advertising ideas for restaurants


"If you're not online, do not exist ", a phrase that many have heard on occasion. And why he did who said! The transformation of the restaurants to the digital world is a reality, the client not only looking for good food: experience with your business starts long before you cross the threshold of this physical location, begins in the online world.

Unlike traditional advertising, online meets the special features: It is accessible to all restaurants, fast, simple and above all, effective. Not only worth a presence in networks, or every two months to write an article on your blog: you need to have visibility, be relevant in digital environments.

In this article I will share 8 most commonly used methods to promote a restaurant on the net. Knows the main advantages of each and what the Promoting your business online:

1.- Position your restaurant in the Google search engine

Since 2012, since no official data of the company, it is estimated that daily are made more than 3 trillion searches on the platform. Mobile plays an important role in this search, as he 80% of searches today They are from a mobile device.

In 2013 Google was out of service for five minutes and the global Internet traffic fell 40%, a fact that allows us to see the enormous capacity of the Seeker.

Who does not want to be among the top of those searches? Before explaining what the Google advertising, You should know these 2 acronym: SEO and SEM

  • SEO (del inglés ” Search Engine Optimization”): It Includes, among other things, optimizing your website and its content at the time to be "seen" by search engines. Roughly, is a natural positioning organic or your web.
  • SEM (English "Search Engine Marketing"): They are the sponsored results of search engines. Google will show your ad Sponsored positions in search (the first).

Thanks to SEM, or advertising "payment", we can appear prominently in searches performed by users through Google in. Although there are different variants, The payment system is the most used PPC (pay per click) where you pay when your ad receives a click, not by impressions (the times published).

Imagine that you live in Sevilla and want to meet new places to go out to dinner. If you write in Google "restaurants of Seville" You see that 4 first results (In red) are ads (SEM) and the following (in green) Results positioned organically (SEO).

One of the best options, definitely, to capture the attention of those users looking for what you offer.

2.- Generates visibility including your banners on websites (Display de Google)

Sure you've entered some web and have seen advertisements for other external companies. How is it possible? Google has an advertising format oriented show your ad when users browse other websites and achieve greater number of advertising impacts that when we only advertising SEM: la Red Display. The main differences are the SEM:

  • SEM user searches Google and we pay for the first show.
  • a Display, We paid for showing customer who browse websites or channels Google (Gmail, Youtube y Blogger) having similarity to our content or keywords.
  • Assuming that the announcement should impact the user to call your attention, the display ad format is much more interactive, because it can include text, image, video and sound.
  • In SEM you pay for each click on your ad. a Display, than usual, is pay every time your ad is displayed 1.000 times (CPM).
  • Unlike SEM, seeking to receive ad clicks, the display format is used to gain visibility (Branding) through advertising impacts.

Here's a clear example of advertising on the Display Network (In red)

3.- Rentabiliza the presence of your restaurant on Facebook

Speaking of Facebook is to talk about how close to perfection. Note that is my favorite. every month, 10 million users create a profile on a platform that already exceeds 1.000 million, of which 50% uses this social network every day. In 2015, He surpassed Google in the total time browsing the net and every month, more of 30.000 million publications are shared through it. But, How I can profit from the presence of my restaurant on Facebook?

There are many methods: create interesting content, create a loyal community to your business, optimize your Fanpage correctly, etc. But Today we will see one of the most effective: Facebook Ads

Due to internal changes that Facebook makes, "organic" visibility of your posts is minimal. now have 10.000 fans is not reached 10.000 people each time you upload a photo of your dish.

Why does this happen? Very easy: Facebook only has 1 funding source: advertising. Hence restrict your free visibility, offering to pay for reaching more people, although they are already connected to you. Nonetheless, there is still no end to understand who "Facebook? But if that's free!” they say, but without a good economic investment, your visibility is reduced to minimum.

Facebook Ads It is the best advertising platform that currently exists, for various reasons that happened to list:

  • The segmentation the public we headed ads
  • He cost campaign
  • The formats advertising
  • The ease of creating the bells
  • He tracing ads
  • The measurement results

On Facebook You can create ad campaigns for your restaurant reservations, make yourself known locally among your neighbors, show them where they can find you, teach your dishes, share with your target audience how kitchens, where they come from your raw materials or download the app for your business. And this is just a small sample of what you can get.

4.- Promote your restaurant on Twitter

Its strength lies in its simplicity: 140 characters. The immediacy of the message is the key factor in advertising microblogging network par excellence. Its advertising platform, although less so than Facebook, It offers several interesting options to promote our restaurant:

  • Get visits or conversions on our website
  • Increase our community of followers
  • Generate interaction with our content
  • Finding potential clients
  • promote videos

A highlight in audience segmentation is the option to display our advertising followers of our direct competition, Only enter your username.

5.- Content is king, works your restaurant's blog

The content, sell. Thousands of avid readers subscribe information daily in many different themed blogs. Behind each subscriber, There is hard work by editors and managers: find that content your reader expects from you, redactarlo, illustrate... all without the technical part: keywords, SEO and other points to consider in developing a publication.

Advertising in this case are not advertisements can find in any blog. The correct term would be "collaborative or indirect advertising" as, through content (free) your publications, incite the user to consume your products or services.

Recipes, how to get perfect cooking points, video tutorials related techniques in your room or just, tell a story to your readers how you got where you are today reach. You will generate trust in your customer, after follow you and see "is cooked" in your business, will visit you more interest.

One of our favorites is the blog of Pando Restaurants&Catering www.pandorestaurantes.com/blog

6.- Recommend your restaurant with a campaign influencers

Thousands of people follow daily, each publication performing scope and generates a brutal interaction. Who would not like it see one of them enjoying a dinner at his restaurant?

The truth is that the power of influencer have a huge call. What they wear, what they eat, ... what they think is copied by many of its loyal subscribers. Because, It is a sector to consider.

Do not worry if you do not have thousands of euros to have the best. Ya exist platforms where you can contact many of them to carry out campaigns your restaurant.

Pizza Hut is one of the marks used influencers in their advertising campaigns. in January, taking advantage of the launch of a new product, He brought in one of its restaurants in El Salvador several influential foodies those invited to try the new pizza at a party in style.

Pizza Hut influential Foodies invited to try the new pizza at a party in style.

Pizza Hut

7.- Use Youtube and get thousands of views of your videos

It is shown that video ads attract twice as many users than those with images or text. If you have something interesting to say, nothing better than video.

From platforms like YouTube can promote our video content, both famous ads shown before a video starts let's play on the platform and search results. Do not forget that Youtube belongs to Google, therefore advertising is managed from the same platform.

A good option to publicize your recipes, the room or service from your computer, in addition to being an economical method for the impact you get.

8.- El email marketing…Works!

Remember when a few years ago recibías dozens of mailings? Those messages were, how much less, upset. Forget about it, because they do not represent the current email marketing. This type of strategy would for a full article, but let's summarize their main advantages:

  • It's economic: because the shipping cost is much lower than the traditional method (Paper)
  • Speed: both sending the message and its configuration
  • It is totally measurable: thanks to the platforms Shipping, We can get all the necessary data to see if the campaign has achieved the expected result.

Remember that email your client is, nowadays, your passport to effective communication: You can send an email inviting you to test your new dishes, communicate specific actions in your restaurant or just offer information of interest (For example, an article from your blog)

When you take account Ask her email! 😉

Here I have shared some of the best platforms to get your restaurant is relevant digitally, to attract and retain new customers. Analyze them and decide which adds more value to your restaurant and do not forget the words of Philip Kotler; “the best advertising is satisfied customers who make”.

About the Author

Director and CEO of Social Media Faceclub, online marketing agency specializing in management of social networks and Facebook Ads for restaurants. Like it or not, Your customers are talking about you on the Internet Why do not you talk with them?



  1. Excellent post Juan Jose. Although I truth is that Twitter does not work so much with the restaurant bill I manage, and I've heard other hoteliers the same, I think that, for restaurants work better networks where visual content is more relevant, in my case Facebook is the one that works best. regards!

    • It is true that Twitter is the least impact have within the digital strategy of a restaurant, It is a very visual field. But it was inevitable enter into the possibilities of online advertising that gives us Internet.

      It works well for me, especially for use as a tool for customer service. But clearly it is more complicated to achieve goals. I'm glad you liked the post Laura We read!

      • I share that “hunch” on Twitter that has the sector, It seems to be losing some traction and many are leaving restaurant. Juan José congratulations for your first article and thanks for choosing us.

  2. definitely also selling groups Facebook, They are good for getting followers and fans, and thus generate traffic to a landing site or landing page, certainly like a blog., if they want they can get to us, your opinion counts a lot.

  3. I agreed with the valid points you made in this article. It’s not necessary every idea works every time it depends on the type of business and their services. And to make the strategy work fruitfully one needs to execute it properly.

    Get the best team for your restaurant to the best visibility of your online business.

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