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The 5 key factors for a successful restaurant delivery service food delivery


One of the mainstays of the user experience in the field of restoration is comfort. For a long time this comfort has been understood as a warm and friendly treatment in room service and camaraderie, a quick takeover of the commands and a presentation of the dishes equally swift.

However, nowadays, this is no longer enough. For much of modern clientele of restaurants, not to leave the comfort of your home and get a good hot meal is the true meaning of comfort.

That is why proliferate delivery services like food delivery Uber Eats O Just Eat, both with a large number of Spaniards registered in their apps.

And while, some restaurants are becoming increasingly empty. The turnover associated with takeaways It is growing, and there are numerous cases where it exceeds the 50% of the total. In fact, in the case of pizzerias, This volume represents values ​​near 100%.

Bearing in mind what the current dynamics of restoration and what the future prospects are (the market for home food delivery will continue upward with a higher rate than 10% during the next five years at least, and no sign that it will change in the medium term), it makes sense that restaurants that have not yet been adapted to the new times are willing to hire a home delivery service.

The question is not whether or not to, the question is how. When the local owner finally decided to take the plunge, the following five factors must be taken into account for the initiative to succeed and that such a desired volume of additional business as takeaways arrive in effect.

1.- Define a space for the preparation of items to bring

Although at first it may not seem, sending food delivery has costs apart from purely derived from hiring staff or external services. One that is often not detected until the last moment are those associated with the space utilization.

If the home is not large enough to accommodate a table preparation and packaging, and a collection point for dispatchers, are only two alternatives: or steal space to other sections of the establishment (for example tables) or move premises to a property with more space. In both cases a negative impact on the economics of the business.

Do not count on this space resulting in poor preparation or packaging of requests takeaway, negatively impacting user experience, which in turn can cost as loss of customers or degradation of the brand in the network.

2.- Have the necessary technology

Does the POS terminal the ability to integrate with platforms from which orders are placed? If not, Can you find other methods of communication such as printers or screens to communicate what the food orders are preparing? In this case, Is the wi-fi connection comes to the kitchen?

There are many small things we can be overlooked when addressing first the distribution of food delivery, especially when we talk about complex technologies that not all restaurateurs are familiar.

3.- Designate a person responsible for carrying orders

It is necessary that the person in charge of the cast know in detail their work.

The different tasks must be properly attributed so that efficiency is not affected locally. According scale operations relating to orders takeaway, the pressure on staff may increase causing bewilderment or confusion exists about what their duties when preparing the order.

according to Olo, an emerging company which manages digital orders, from 30 orders a day worth to have a specialist deals. The findings contained in a report signed by the company called Want to Scale Delivery? where in addition it is noted that the responsibilities of the worker would:

  • Receive orders
  • Place food
  • Prepare carrying bags
  • Check the order before delivery to the dealer
  • Fill containers of salsa
  • Fold transport boxes
  • Clean up the workspace dedicated to the items for distribution
  • Cater to the dealer

4.- Choosing the right packaging

Nobody wants to get a cold food, esparramada soaked by condensed vapors. Choosing the right packaging has a huge impact on the way the customer perceives the quality of food, and turn, in his experience as a diner.

Recommended packages are flat bottom, robust, insulated and ventilated. Extra points for transparent packaging to assess the state of food at all times, either by the manager of orders restaurants, by the dealer, or by the customer.

Invest in soft or low resistance materials means during transport, which it is often busier than it would, containers can rip, deform or move very easily, with the consequent and expected damage on food.

5.- Pamper deliverers, Waiters are the new foreign

As our director named Diego Coquillat Year 2017 in his article “Waiters outer, Revolution service (no) living room”, deliverers are the waiters outside the restaurant and try to be like indoor or usual.

Without these waiters or deliverers this whole shebang would go down. His work is crucial to successfully complete orders.

When the volume of business because of the takeaways is very high, it may be appropriate to have shelves coded to deposit food, so that the dealer knows what the order you have to take immediately. Another possibility is to have a predetermined order (chronological, alphabetic, numeric, etc).

Dispatchers must have confidence with the employee assigned to orders takeaway. So if problems arise it has a perfect environment for reaching solutions.

Of course, give incentives to the best deliverers not only is a desirable behavior, but also fruitful.

In 2020 he 11% of sales in restaurants They will refer to orders to carry, with an opportunity valued at 32 000 million and the tips collected here, there is no excuse for our restaurants do not have a food delivery service home success.

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